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Infinity 3 PAPR System

Infinity 3 PAPR System


SKU 30-500-1-I

Industry Use: animal handling, woodworking, sculpting, automotive, chimney, construction, landscaping, processing, chainsawing, welding, painting, chemical/pharmaceutical industry, remediation operations/labratories, first responders and emergency teams, biological protection, automotive.  

The Infinity 3 PAPR system combines our CleanAir 2F blower unit with a CA40G head piece. The Infinity 3 is suitable for protection against everything from airborne particulate contaminants to acid gases and other chemical-based aerosols depending on the filters selected (filters sold separately).

The CA40 with grinding shield ensures efficient protection of the respiratory tract, it protects also the head, sight and face against fast flying particles and at the same time provides basic protection against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Suitable for highly demanding environments, grinding and other kinds of surface finishing operations including the automotive industry, shipbuilding, and building construction.

The P3 particulate filters catch a wide range of solid particles in the form of liquid and solid aerosols such as dust, smoke, fibers, toxic and non-toxic fumes, bacteria and viruses with 99.95% efficiency.

Filter Certification: EN143, EN12941, EN12942. 
Designed for use with the Infinity systems exclusively.

System has an 8 hour battery life on a single charge and is equipped with a variable flow-rate motor that can be set to draw up up to 235 liters of air a minute through the headpiece. The blower unit meets IP65 standards for ingress protection, and features a unique automatic closing system that prevents unwanted contamination of the unit by particles while the filters are being changed. A unique full color display clearly shows all the relevant information needed.

Weight 960 g (including standard battery)
Dimension 240 mm / 110 mm / 120 mm
Airflow adjustable 120 -235 lpm
Alarm audio, visual
Operation* / charging time < 10 / < 3 h standard battery
< 20 / < 5,5 h Heavy Duty battery
Battery Li-Ion 14,4 V / 2,6 Ah (standard battery)
Li-Ion 14,4 V / 5,2 Ah (Heavy Duty battery)
Hose connection CA40x1/7“
Certification EN 12941 TH3
EN 12942 TM3
Ingress protection IP64/IP65/IP68


PAPR System Includes:

  • TFT Full - Color Display 
  • Chemical 2F Blower Unit 
  • Battery Charger 
  • P3 Filter Set of 2
  • US Charger w/ Barrel Plug 
  • Decontaminable Hypalon Belt 
  • Airflow Indicator 
  • CA40G Headpiece 

Compatible Filters (Sold Separately):

  • Particulate Filter
  • Combination Filter
Products that do not list an explicit NIOSH approval on our website do not carry such an approval and should not be used in OSHA regulated environments without the expressed, written approval of a qualified safety manager or local representative of OSHA. All respiratory and safety equipment, regardless of approval, should not be used without prior medical sign-off by a certified physician.