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Just What Is PPE, Anyway?

In our current climate, the topic of safety is becoming more prevalent in everyday conversation.

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To the majority of people, planning ahead is crucial and the protection of themselves and their loved ones is priority over anything else. But how do you know that you’re protecting yourself properly during activity exposure? How do you plan for the unknown? And where do you turn to when that unknown reveals itself?

Our goal at Peke Safety is take the fear and confusion out of the subject of Personal Protection Equipment and provide equipment and training that will help you feel prepared. As a leading safety equipment supplier of personal protection apparel, respirators, patient isolation equipment, and decontamination showers to both domestic and international hospitals, militaries, and government agencies; Peke is now turning our attention and expertise to you. Yes you, the contractors, the sculptors, the chimney sweeps, the hobbyists who build everything from massive commercial buildings downtown to tables in your garages. The products we sell at Peke Safety is crucial to keeping you safe during your everyday activity.

You may be asking yourself what personal protection equipment is, where did it come from, and why is it so important. PPE has been around for years. The first respirator was supposedly invented in the sixteenth century by Leonardo da Vinci to protect the wearer from harmful air particles. The first documented appearance of a respirator was during World War One, when protection against chemical warfare agents like mustard and chlorine gas was crucial for surviving the battlefield. Safety innovations taken from the theater of combat don’t stop there, as physical protection designed by the Japanese for their soldiers has since evolved into the coveralls, hard hats, and eye masks that we see on construction sites around the world today. Its safe to say that what worked for soldiers of war and Mr. Da Vinci will work for you as well; they saw the importance of personal protection against air borne agents and physical objects. Let that inspire you.

Now that you know where PPE comes from, you may be wondering what is out there for your specific needs? PPE includes a wide range of respirators, eye masks, and head gear that protects against health and safety risks when used properly. It’s the barrier between you and injuries to what’s so important; your eyes, lungs, body, and skin. And we aren’t just talking about the risks that come from using machinery or sharp objects. We’re talking about the risk to your insides from all of the dust, dirt, chemicals, and airborne particles you’re surrounding yourselves with every day while at work or at home.

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When choosing the correct products for yourself, you must consider the quality and application for what you’re purchasing. Many companies may focus on safety but do not make it a point to optimize comfort to the user. Other companies will focus solely on how you look, charge you a hefty price, but fail to provide a reliable product. Most will send something and wish you luck without the offer of any training or guidance on how to properly use it. At Peke, we focus on providing quality, comfort and the guidance at a sensible price point with a satisfaction guarantee. We are a family owned company that cares about you, your family, and your employees. We recognize the importance of your safety and we focus on building a relationship with every one of our customers. The products we sell are the same ones we use in our work and while at home doing the same hobbies and jobs that you’re doing. If we can’t comfortably use them then why would we bother selling them to you?

We all take risks in our daily life without much thought. It is easy to overlook the minute details that may help you live a longer and healthier life. If you’re unsure of the importance of PPE then simply tell yourself that your lungs are irreplaceable: money can’t buy you new ones. So why risk them to exposure over the difficult work you’re doing on a daily basis? Once you’ve recognized that we’re right about that; check out our products, send us an email hello and we’ll be there for you through every question and concern.

Stay Safe Out There

-Peke Safety

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