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Orders and Shipping FAQs

Where do you ship to?
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We ship to the entire U.S and Canada. For additional inquiries regarding shipping locations, please feel free to reach out to us.

How much is shipping?
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Our flat shipping rates from Peke Safety are calculated using the best available Fedex, UPS, or USPS rates for both domestic and international shipments.

$10 - orders under $50
$15 - orders under $100
$30 - orders under $500
$35 - orders over $500
$55 - Hawaii 
$50 - Canada - orders under $500
$65 - Canada - orders over $500
$40 - Mexico - orders under $500
$60 - Mexico - orders over $500

When will my product ship?
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all ground shipping orders are shipped Monday through Friday

all ground shipping orders ship the next business day

any ground shipping orders placed on Friday will ship the following Monday

Can I track my order?
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You can! You will receive a shipping email once your order is shipped out with a tracking code. If you are unable to find that email, simply reach out to us and we will send it to you directly.

Warranty + Returns
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Warranty + Returns

All items are subject to a 30 day return so long as the product is in its original packaging and unused with a 10% restocking fee on all products. 

All items shipped from Peke Safety come with a 1 year standard manufacturer's warranty that covers defects caused by faults in the manufacturing process only. Evidence that product from Peke Safety has been tampered with or that product failure has come as the result of misuse, improper maintenance, or general neglect or will void any warranty obligation. Items that are deemed to be disposable, such as replacement filters and masks, can only be returned if packaging is still sealed.

A return label is only issued for a warranty related issue.

For returns on an unopened item or a manufacturing issue/repair request you submit a request for a return at

Product FAQs
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What is the easiest way to prevent a face shield from scratching on your respirators with visors?

We offer a 10-pack of peel-off visor protectors for both our Powercap and Filterspec lines through our website.

PowerCap Active:

Is the Powercap safe for airline travel:

Yes, the Powercap can be worn safely on airplanes/during travel. 

How do I clean my Powercap Active:

The best way to clean the unit is with a light Lysol spray and then wipe down lightly. Do not use any solvent  based solutions. Do not spray the P2 filters. We advise that you remove the pre-filters prior to spraying the unit and very lightly spraying them with Lysol. You can then leave the pre filters to dry and then re-insert.

To clean the visor - place the visor under light running water and let air dry. Do not use any abrasive cloths or cleaning products on the visor as it will cause it to dry out and crack.

Alternatively, you can use our peel off visor protectors to keep the visor itself clean.


What is a positive pressure or positive airflow respirator?

The Power Cap Active and is a positive airflow respirators in that they push air across the face at the rate of between 140 and 160 liters per minute. Because of this, the unit is “one-size-fits-all” and does not require a tight face seal to protect the user from atmospheric contaminants, meaning that those with beards and mustaches can wear the unit without having to shave and that a “ fit test” is not required.

Is it necessary to wear eye protection behind the face shield while wearing the PowerCap Active?

Yes. While the Power Cap Active will protect against small bits of flying debris, OSHA in the US recommend that additional eye protection is worn under the visor. The Power Cap Active can be worn with the range of safety eyewear.

What filtration standard is the Power Cap Active rated to?

The Power Cap Active is rated to EN12941+A2 TH1P or the equivalent of an ANSI / EN-P3 standard, meaning that it will filter out contaminants down to .001 microns. For a domestic reference, the CEN P3 standard is better than that of the US P100 standard, which itself sits above the widely known N95 standard for half masks. The unit will not filter out gas and vapor, as that type of air purification requires a heavier duty filter that is not compatible with the motor that the Power Cap uses.

What eye impact standards is Power Cap Active IP rated to?

The European standard EN166-1B requires that goggles and eyewear be resistant to particles delivering a medium energy impact. Practically, this makes the visor suitable for all types of sanding, grinding, and pointing work. The visor provides no UV or other associate protection and should not be used for activities such as welding.

The visor also meets ANSI  [US Standard impact testing standards.

Why is the Power Cap Active not suitable for use in OSHA regulated environments?

OSHA regulations require that only NIOSH approved respirators be used in industrial environments. These respirators have been rated to ANSI / European testing standards that actually exceeds the requirements of NIOSH

Will Power Cap Active protect against organic or industrial chemicals?

No its a particulate protection device only.

However, we offer a range of Belt mounted Powered respirators that are NIOSH APPROVED and will filter out organic and industrial gas.

What is the life of the battery in the Power Cap Active?

The battery on Power Cap active will normally provide eight hours of continuous usage on a full charge.

What is the average filter life for the Power Cap Active?

Filter life depends on the level of contamination present in the work environment. Most customers have reported to us that they need to change their filters twice a year (every 6 months). Replacement filters are available through Peke Safety directly.

Use the Airflow indicator provided with the product to test the Airflow prior to use. If it is not showing green then check that the battery is fully charged or that the filter is not clogged.

Remember a clogged filter puts stress on the motor and may shorten its life and the battery will not run for 8 hours as it will have to work harder.

Is it possible to wash the PowerCap Active hat?

The unit can be dissembled and have the hat washed. Replacement caps are also available.

Can I charge the PowerCap Active in my truck or van?

Peke Safety offers a car battery charger as an accessory

What is the best way to store the PowerCap Active when not in use?

The carrying case that is provided with the unit provides a secure and clean environment for your Power Cap Active and is the best solution for day-to-day storage.

Is the Powercap Active suitable for use as a dentist?

The Powercap Active is appropriate for use in the dentistry field. We recommend that a KN95 or N95 disposable mask is worn underneath the Powercap for full protection between dentist and patient. 


Will the goggles mist up?

No. The Filterspec Pro’s patented design provides an air tight seal around the nose bridge & the valve in the filter prevents any ability for mist to form.
What comes with the Filter Spec Pro?

It comes with 3 Filters standard FFP2 [NIOSH N 99 standard]

Is there more than one Type of Filter?

Yes, The standard FFP2 [N99 equivalent] & optional FFP3 [N100 equivalent]

 Why are there 3 types of Filters?

Most users will use the FFP2 for more sensitive allergies.

However, you may need higher filtering capability.

Contact Peke Safety LLC for further advice.

 Is there a filter that removes odors or fumes?

 There is an odor filter this is a FFP2 with a Charcoal layer.

Please contact us for use in a specific application.
 Can I get replacements?

Yes! You can order directly on the Peke website or via Amazon standard or Prime.

 Can I wear prescription spectacles with the Filter Spec Pro?

 Some frames with slim side arms will fit with the Filter Spec Pro.

 Can I get a replacement lens?

 Replacement lenses are not available.


How does it work?

Hydracool use the natural process of evaporation to cool you down. When soaked in cold water, non-toxic crystals or specialized cooling fabric absorb hundreds of times their weight in water. This stored cold water is then slowly released by the process of evaporation. In hot conditions, as the water evaporates, the heat from the wearer is transferred into the air, helping to reduce the body temperature. If the vest dries out, just submerge into water for more hours of cooling.


How effective is it?
Evaporative cooling is effective in low humidity climates. It delivers comfortable cooling depending on environment, activity and personal metabolism.


How light is it?

Our evaporative cooling vests are incredibly lightweight and designed to feel like any other piece of sport clothing.


Are there insert packs?

No, the vests have built in gel packs that never need to be removed.


Adjustable temperature?

There is no adjustable temperature.


What is the best climate for evaporative cooling?

The vests are suitable for all climates! They are superior in dry climates and low humidity days but will keep you cool even in humid and hot temperatures.


How do I wear it?

You can wear the cooling vest over top of your clothes or alternatively underneath the shirt of your choice.

Company FAQ
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General Company Questions

Do you supply to the military/medical industries?

Our sister brand, Peke Response, handles all sales, CBRN training, and bulk sales orders for the military/medical industries worldwide.

Where are these respirators manufactured?

Our products are manufactured predominantly in the UK and Europe.

Where is Peke located?

We are located in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area and ship all of our products from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Are you a family owned company?
We are a family owned company with over 40 years of combined experience.

What If I Have Other Questions?

You can chat with us online Peke during normal Business hours 9am to 5 pm Monday through Friday [EST] or visit our website to view our full range of personal protection respiratory products.

Peke reserves the right to modify and update this information based on current standards and End User feedback

Should you have any doubts on the suitability of use in your application please consult with your local safety officer or contact us directly.