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Product Spotlight: The Lightest Powered Respirator On The Market

The Powercap Active – The Lightest Powered Respirator In The World

Respirators: every food processing factory worker, contractor, woodworker, chimney sweep, woodturner, agriculturalist, sculptor, hobbyist or landscaper needs one; and the options to choose from are in no short supply. Unfortunately, the information on what exactly each one does and why it might be a good purchase IS in short supply. Today, we are taking a look at the Powercap Active by JSP – the latest and lightest powered respirator on the market and one worth paying attention to.

Positive Pressure or Positive Airflow – What is it and why does it equal more comfort?

Positive pressure (aka positive airflow) simply means that the filtered air is pushed downward across the face at a rate of 140-160 liters per minute. This feature allows for the Powercap Active to be a one size fits all WITHOUT requiring an uncomfortable tight face seal to keep you protected from contaminants. The beauty of this technology? Those of you with beards, mustaches or glasses have met your match for a full face protective respirator. And an added bonus? It keeps you cool.

Why is it so light?

Its true – the Powercap Active is THE lightest positive pressure respirator on the market, weighing in at 1.2lbs. Yes, it is even lighter than the Trend by 1 full pound (according to product specifications) making it a fantastic alternative. With its front mounted respirator filters and its rear mounted battery pack, the Powercap is balanced and lightweight, allowing for full respiratory protection for hours without jeopardizing your spine or tiring you out. 

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What is the filtration power?

The Powercap Active is a European designed respirator. Why does this matter? Because European respiratory standards are in fact HIGHER than the standards here in North America, deeming most respirators on the market to be slightly less than desirable when it comes to filtration levels (more on that in a minute). With its P2 Filters, the Powercap provides a 94% filtration efficiency down to .003 microns and is comparable to an N95 standard here in the States with a protection factor of 10 and a nominal protection factor of 12. It is safe to say that the filtration ability of the Powercap is one of the best on the market. So why with it’s strong protection factor is it not approved for OSHA environments? That’s where things get a little finnicky – OSHA operates in its own little world, requiring that only NIOSH approved respirators be used in most professional industrial environments. Does this mean that the Powercap Active isn’t as efficient as a NIOSH approved respirator? No – in fact its quite the opposite. With its rating matching an ANSI/European testing standard, the Powercap actually exceeds the requirements of NIOSH for particulate protection. The only thing missing? The Powercap has not endured an 8 hour continuous silica dust loading test deeming it as NIOSH approved.  So if you are not subject to a mandatory NIOSH approval within your working environment and are looking for exceptional filtration power, then the Powercap is a superior choice for protecting your lungs. 

What does it filter?

The Powercap is a particulate protection device ONLY designed to protect you from dust and most airborne particulate pollutants. The Powercap excels in very dusty environments within light industry (machining and milling), contracting, agriculture (livestock, poultry farming, grain silos), landscaping, food processing plants, woodworking, chimney sweeping, etc. It will not protect against organic or industrial chemicals. 

How long do filters last?

Filter life is never exact due the various contaminant levels within each working environment along with frequency of use by the user. However, our customers have reported on average, the need to change their filters only every 6 months with daily use. And we’ve made it easy for you to check filter efficiency. The Powercap comes with an airflow indicator to test for filtration power, clogged filters or a low battery. Spare filters are readily available right here on our site.

What is the life of the battery?

Speaking of the rear mounted battery, this powerhouse lithium battery pack runs for a continuous 8 hours on just one charge and can last for a substantial amount of time when used daily without needing to be replaced. Need to charge it while out in the field?
We’ve got you covered – the battery can easily be charged using our portable car charger accessory available on our site. 

Does it provide extra protection and come with maintenance options? 

The filtration protection of the Powercap is not the only safety feature. With its removable A1 Bumpcap head protection, and face/eye protection impact shield; this respirator fully protects you from flying debris (for example, during grinding, sanding, and pointing work). Want extra protection for the visor? Visor peel off protectors (pack of 10) are also available on our site. The Powercap is a modular designed product – meaning it can be easily disassembled for proper cleaning and spare part replacement such as batteries, visors, face seals, caps etc. which are all available for purchase. This ensures that your financial investment will provide you with a lifelong product so long as it is treated with proper care.

It is without question that the Powercap Active is a strong choice for respiratory protection in order to help you get the job done. It is our mission to keep you protected from the elements and the Powercap Active will ensure that you always stay safe out there.

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