Evolite Forestry Helmet



The EVOLite Forestry helmet integrates a lightweight, extremely comfortable safety helmet with EXV ear defenders, a high-visibility neck cape, a 4-point linesman chinstrap, and a 8″ wire gauze safety visor into a single unique unit.

The harness and shell of the safety helmet keep the unit firmly secured to the head, even when fully inverted, and grant added protection to the wearer when working at height, or in high winds. Built-in face shield and hearing protection will keep you safe when using heavy wood cutting or milling machinery.


  • Surefit™ Visor: 8″ (20cm) Wire mesh
  • Inter EXV Ear Defenders: Helmet mounted ear defenders featuring a low profile and lightweight design. Rated to SNR=28
  • Neck Cape: Hi-visibility neck cape provides protection to UV 50 as well as being water proof and fire retardant
  • CR2 Reflective: High Intensity Reflective offering, on average, 60% more reflectivity than standard reflective clothing material
  • 4-Point Linesman Harness: Fully adjustable 4-point chinstrap with quick release buckle.