JSP FilterSpec P2V

Part #: 30-400-6-I


The JSP Filterspec combines ANSI-rated protective eyewear with a frame and replaceable half mask inserts, creating a comfortable, integrated solution that improves upon the utility of both pieces of safety gear. Because of this practicality, the Filterspec has been extensively used throughout Europe in hospital and first responder applications, as well as light industrial and construction environments. Increasingly it is finding its way into the hands of woodworkers and in-home contracting professionals as well.

The JSP FilterSpec Pro half mask and elasticated safety goggles combination starts at 94% efficiency for the non-valve P2 version for non-aqueous dusts down to .003 microns and is 99% efficient down to .001 microns for the valved P3 version. Every version ships with 3 additional replacement half-mask inserts.


  • Valved half-mask inserts prevent glasses from from fogging up while in use
  • Fully adjustable spectacle frame for maximum comfort
  • Anti-scratch coating on lens as standard
  • Fully removable and replaceable elastic straps


FilterSpec Specs & Approvals

Product P/Ns: ASF124-121-100 (P2), ASG124-121-100 (P2V), ASG144-121-100 (P2OV)
Filter TypesP2 / P2V / P2OV / P3
EN Approval StandardEN166 EN170 2C-1.2 1B349TN FMP3V EN1827:1999 +A1


  • FilterSpec P2V Half-Mask Spec Sheet pdf
  • FilterSpec Instruction Manual pdf


The JSP FilterSpec is NOT NIOSH APPROVED but does meet European EN12941+A2+TH1P standards for protection ranging from 94% efficiency down to .003 microns to 99% efficiency for .001 microns for particulate contaminants based on filter type.

All respiratory equipment, regardless of approval should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.

The JSP FilterSpec is not flame resistant and should not be used around heat, flame, sparks, or in potentially flammable or explosive environments.

Filterspec P2V FAQs

What comes with the Filterspec?

Our Filterspec respirators come with 3 FFP2 (N95-equivalent) half-mask inserts as standard. These inserts are interchangeable with all other filter inserts we offer, which are available as spares in packs of ten. All half-mask inserts feature the same anti-moisture valve.

Is there more than one Type of Filter?

Yes, the standard Filterspec come with FFP2 (N95 equivalent, APF 10 / NPF 12) filters with a built-in moisture valve. Peke safety sells an OV version suitable for filtering out offensive odors and an optional FFP3 (N100 equivalent, APF 20 / NPF 50) valved filter as well. All filters are available in packs of 10.

Why are there 3 types of Filters?

Different filtration levels are required for different application. Standard applications like yard care, wood working with non-hardwoods, cleaning, or sculpting would only require an FFP2 mask, whereas more dangerous applications involving silica, demolition, or exotic hardwoods would require an FFP3 mask. No passive half-mask will provide complete protection without adequate fit testing or if the wearer has facial hair of any kind.

Is there a filter that removes odors or fumes?

Peke Safety offers an FFP2OV filter with a built-in charcoal layer. Please contact us for advice on suitability for use in a specific application.

Will the goggles mist up?

No. The Filterspec’s patented valved half-mask design provides a seal around the nose bridge & the valve in the filter prevents any ability for mist to form.

Can I get replacement filters?

Yes! You can order directly on the Peke Safety.com website or via Amazon standard or Prime.

Can I wear prescription glasses with the Filterspec?

Some frames with slim side arms will fit with the Filterspec.

Can I get a replacement lens?

Replacement lenses are not available.