Force 8 Half-mask Respirators

Part #: 30-400-10-I (P3), 30-400-11-I (ABEK1P3), 30-400-12-I (Press to Check ABEK1P3)



The JSP Force 8 with Typhoon valve is a twin cartridge half mask offering superior protection and low breathing resistance in a thoughtfully designed form factor. The Force 8’s a 4-point suspension harness features quick release buckles and the mask is made with a durable thermoplastic rubber offering a superior fit to most face shapes. It is suitable for use in a variety of applications, everything from working with hardwoods to working with chemical solvents, paints including aerosols, and lacquers.

Peke Safety offers the force 8 with three filter types, including the innovative “Press to Check” filter variation that allows the user to check for a tight face seal by pressing on attached filters while wearing the mask prior to use. For full details on filter protection factors, please download the JSP Filter Selection Guide.


  • Durable thermoplastic rubber mask for superior fit to most face shapes
  • Fully adjustable 4-point cradle suspension ensuring an effective facial fit
  • Reflective strips create increased visibility in low-light environments for added safety
  • Low resistance Typhoon exhalation valve for easy breathing, with stable mask configuration
  • Cost effective Force™ 8 filters available with low profile angle for minimum visual impairment


JSP Force 8 Specs & Approvals

Product P/N's30-400-10-I (P3), 30-400-11-I (ABEK1P3), 30-400-12-I (ABEK1P3 Press to Check)
Filter TypeP3 / ABEK1P3 / ABEK1P3 Press To Check
EN Approval StandardEN140, EN14387:2004, EN143:200


The JSP Force 8 half-mask with Typhoon Valve is NOT NIOSH APPROVED but all supplied filters do meet European standards for protection in line with the ratings designation for the filter.

All respiratory equipment, regardless of approval should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.

The JSP Force 8 half-mask is not flame resistant and should not be used around heat, flame, sparks, or in potentially flammable or explosive environments.

Force 8 FAQs

Do the “Press to Check” filters really work? How

Yes. The press to check system integrates a hinged inlet onto the Force 8 filter cartridge. When the user presses on them, the inlet is closed and if the mask is tight to the face, suction will be created. That suction means that the mask is a tight fit and the user is receiving the full protection afforded by the filters.

  • JSP Force 8 Filter Selection Guide pdf