Rapidflow PAPR

Part #: 40-105-1

The Rapidflow Chemical PAPR System w/ Tychem SL hood is a lightweight Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) System with an on board Li-Ion battery installed in a waist-mounted blower. This system uses three CBRNCF50 filters for use against (HE/AM/CD/CL/FM/HC/HF/MA/OV/SD) contaminants. The Rapidflow easily passes the OSHA criteria for an APF of 1000 when worn correctly and carries a full NIOSH approval in this configuration.

The Rapidflow Chemical PAPR System w/ Tychem SL hood comes complete with blower unit, charger, Li-Ion battery, belt assembly, airflow indicator, breathing tube, low-flow alarm, Tychem SL hood and three CBRNCF50 Filters.

System Includes:

  • Rapidflow Blower Unit (1)
  • Charger w/ Barrel Plug (1)
  • Decon Belt Assembly (1)
  • Airflow Indicator (1)
  • Tychem SL Hood w/ Breathing Tube Assembly (1)
  • CBRNCF50 Filters (3))


Rapidflow w/ Tychem SL Hood System Specification

NIOSH ApprovalsNIOSH CBRN Cap-1, NIOSH 42CFR84 - P100
Flow RateGreater than 170 LPM
Lithium -ion Battery Duration7-8 hours
Expected Life of Ion Battery500 Charge/Discharge Cycles
Cartridge OptionsCBRNCF50
Operating Temperature-25°F - +159°F (-32°C - +71°C)
Overall Dimensions3.7” x 5.27” x 4.15” (w/o cartridges)
Weight of FlexAir w/ Battery 1.32 lbs (596 g) (Blower w/ Battery) 3.87 lbs (1756 g) (w/ 2 x CBRNCF50 Filters)

Tychem SL Physical Data

Physical PropertyTest MethodUnitsTest Results
Total Basis WeightASTM D3776oz/yd23.5
Garb Tensile MDASTM D5034mil41
Garb Tensile CDASTM D5034psi50
Trapezoidal Tear MDASTM D5733lbs9
Trapezoidal Tear CD ASTM D5733lbs8
Ball BurstASTM D751lbs73

Tychem SL Permeation Data For ASTMF1001 List Of Chemicals

Chemical NamePhysical StateCAS NumberNBT (Min.)
Acetronitrile L75-05-868
1,3 ButadieneG106-99-0> 480
Carbon DisulfideL75-15-0immed
ChlorineG7782-50-5> 480
Dimethyl FormamideL68-12-278
Ethyl AcetateL141-78-6immed
Ethylene OxideG75-21-8immed
Hydrogen ChlorideG7647-01-0> 480
MethanolL67-56-1> 480
Methyl ChlorideG74-87-3> 480
Sodium Hydroxide, 50%L1310-73-2> 480
Sulfuric Acid, 98%L7664-93-9> 480


All respiratory equipment, regardless of approval should not be used without medical sign-off by a certified physician or without the approval of a qualified safety manager.

Tychem QC, Tychem SL, and Butyl rubber are not flame resistant and should not be used around heat, flame, sparks, or in potentially flammable or explosive environments.