RapidPro® MED-2 Personnel Stretcher

Part #: 323-101
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Highly versatile, flexible stretcher for the more secure medical transport or squad rescue of non-ambulatory patients via carry or drag. The RapidPro® MED-2 Enhanced Flexible Stretcher is much more functional and user-friendly than similar models on the market and provides emergency medical personnel with a patient rescue and transport capability unlike any ever seen before in a single device.

The MED-2 features a unique double handle design and additional red securing straps to provide further support to the patient while in transport. An additional foot panel allows for fluid retention when the stretcher is being dragged by a single responder. All straps and handles are user replaceable without the need for tools.


  • Rigid poly handles feature a heavy-duty, ergonomic design that allows for easier transport while providing increased hand comfort
  • Built-in foot stop with red securing straps rapidly deploys to limit patient movement and shield personnel from bodily fluids during vertical transport
  • Buckle configuration allows for even strap adjustment from center to maintain ideal patient positioning on stretcher
  • ALL buckles are completely field replaceable – No unstitching and re-stitching required
  • Stow onboard, adjustable drag handle and removable drag panel provide for patient dragging by just a single responder over multiple terrains – simply remove and replace panel when worn out
  • Reinforced “D” rings at both head and foot ends allow for quick attachment of drag handle as needed
  • Longer footprint fully contains taller patients; bottom section can also be folded over to accommodate shorter patients


RapidPro MED-2 Portable Stretcher Specifications

ColorsYellow, Orange, Grey, Black
Fabric18 oz Vinyl-Coated Polyester
Fabric PropertiesAntimicrobial, Antistatic, Hypoallergenic
Fabric ResistanceFlame, Fluid, Moisture, Stain
Poplar Slats (Rounded)5 (55” L x 2.5” W x .75” H)
Web Securing Straps (Red)3 (2” Width)
Web Securing Straps (Black)3 (2” Width)
Foot Stop1
Rigid Handles14
Removable Poly-drag Handle1 (80" W x 23" W)
Open Dimensions96" L x 28" W
Packed Dimensions63” L x 7” W x 7” H
Packed Weight20.75 Lbs
Load Capacity> 1000 Lbs


The RAPIDPRO Med-2 is not approved for medical procedures unless explicit authorization is given by an official governing authority or on-sight safety officer.

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