Gift Guide With The Build With Ethan

Shanna Cooper
Tue Dec 21, 2021
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3 safe bets for your holiday gift giving this year.
(or anytime of the year)
Looking for the perfect present for your workshop warriors?
Furniture Maker, Woodshop Adventurer, and Event Host, Ethan Abramson
(from shows off his 3 favorite gift options that will not only make the people on your list happy, but will also keep them safe -



Baseball caps may protect against a bad hair day but they don’t offer your head any real protection when it counts. For the hat lover on your list who can often find themselves in situations where they need to guard their head health - like mechanics, woodworkers, plumbers, set designers, and more - the Hardcap A1 Bump Cap is a great gift. With a hardened plastic lining that can be easily removed to make the cap fully washing machine safe, this hat is perfect for even the most headstrong person you know.


Just because you are checking the weather for snow doesn’t mean it’s going to stay cold forever. For the person in your life that always seems to get a little hot under the collar in the heat, why not get them their own personal cool down. Providing up to 72 hours of cooling  (plus 3 additional hours when frozen) the answer to, “How do I make sure my gift this year is the coolest,” just got really easy. Simply, get them the Hydracool Pro Evaporative Cooling Vest and chill out.



Let’s get serious - Now this is the BIG gift on your list, the one that says your safety is my number 1 concern. For the most serious woodworker, sculpture, landscaper, mechanic, you know, the PC Bundle is the right fit. Protect your face? Check. Protect your lungs? Check. Keeps your face cool? Check. It’s got everything they need for ultimate protection right there in the box. All you need to do is add the bow.
Check it out here:
About Ethan ( - 
Ethan Abramson started his furniture company——out of New York in 2008, producing award-winning furniture that can be found in stores and museums across the country. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, Vogue, DiscoveryPlus and many other media outlets. 

With a reach that extends beyond producing furniture, he is the Event Host for top Woodworking, Building, and Maker shows across the country.
He is also a teacher, author, and public speaker, as well as the host of a #1 podcast, focusing on the business side of the furniture world,
Ethan can be found on his social channels, @thebuildwithethan -, where he highlights the lighter side of woodworking while at the same time sharing the skills and knowledge that he has learned over the years.
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