Respirators that work with beards

So you have a beard, want to grow out a beard or don’t want to give up your beard for the sake of safety? Is it possible to wear a respirator? Do you sacrifice your health for the sake of your beard? With little guidance on the topic and incredibly limited product offerings out there for beards, we thought we should break down why a beard is so difficult with a respirator and how we offer the only respirators that work with beards.



A selection of NIOSG safety gear our customers can't work without.

PureFlo 3000 NIOSH PAPR Pre Filters

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Peke Safety is a specialist purveyor of PPE clothing, articulating frame shelter systems, respirators, patient isolation equipment, and custom vehicle solutions to hobbyist, professional, medical, government, and military customers in the United States and globally. Since the company’s founding in 2013 we have expanded our capability to include training and emergency management consulting, allowing us to help safety managers and other emergency coordinators through every part of the purchasing and readiness process.

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Awesome system

Bought this as working with exotic wood was beginning to cause respiratory issues. Now I can work full days in the shop and no congestion, no coughing, and no other respiratory issues!

Super light weight, easy to setup and wear. Aside from not having congestion and sneezing fits, it’s easy to forget the hood is on!

Mark Sinnamon 
CleanAir HEPA PAPR System

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Effective and Comfortable

I wear this mask in a daily basis in my line of work and find it to be incredibly comfortable. It came with 2 extra filters and the glasses are detachable.

I feel fully protected!

Filterspec P2V Half Mask Respirator

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Better than the 3M

Purchased this mask for my husband along with the Filterspec Pro for myself. The Press to Check filter is fantastic and this mask is far more comfortable than the 3M (according to my husband). He wears it to work daily in the factory and says he feels fully protected. Thanks Peke Safety!

Force Typhoon 8 P100 Press to Check Respirator

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