New NIOSH Respirators Line Up

Shanna Cooper
Mon Mar 07, 2022

For 10 years, Peke Safety has aimed to provide you with the best in PPE for both the military/medical industries as well as consumer/industrial industries. Our product range encompasses a comprehensive selection of passive/active respirators, head impact protection, decontamination shelters, patient transport devices and CBRN protection from a powerhouse of manufacturers located around the globe. Coming into 2022, the world continues to place more of an emphasis on the necessity of PPE protection both within the workplace and at home and we are happy to be placing more of an emphasis on product diversity and expanding our product offerings to not only fulfill the customer demand within our pre-existing industries, but also to provide the latest PPE designs for a variety of new applications. NIOSH approvals are required in a variety of OSHA regulated sites and we are proud to announce two new brand additions to our product line up that are NIOSH approved:


Passive Respirators by Gerson

Gerson products are not only world recognized but also world trusted. Starting in 1956, Gerson positioned themselves in the marketplace with a unique design of a simple paint filter. 65 years later, Gerson distinguishes itself as a vertically integrated, prime manufacturer of a full range of air-purifying respirators, from filtering face pieces to half-mask to full face respirators, all products of outstanding design and value. 

We are pleased to be carrying the following new face respirators to suit the everyday consumer, hobbyist, medical or industrial worker:

-N95 NIOSH Disposable Mask

-N95 NIOSH Extreme Comfort Respirator Mask

-Surgical N95 NIOSH Respirator Mask

-Silica Dust-Concrete NIOSH Respirator Kit

-Paint & Body Half Mask NIOSH Respirator Kit

Why Buy Gerson NIOSH Respirator?

It’s a no brainer. Reliable, comfortable, and approved for all industries, this line up provides the most cost efficient respirators on the market for a variety of applications. 

Active Respirators by Gentex

Gentex is an industry leading corporation, founded in 1974. They are first and foremost a technology company with a strong manufacturing presence in the automotive, aerospace, commercial fire protection industries and military contracting. 

With the first head mounted respirator line that is not only lightweight and comfortable but also NIOSH approved, we are proud to be carrying the following line up from Gentex:

-PureFlo 3000 NIOSH PAPR - Visor 

-PureFlo 3000 NIOSH PAPR - Hard Hat

-PureFlo 3000 NIOSH Pro Welding PAPR 

-PureFlo 3000 NIOSH PAPR - Drawstring Hood 

Why Buy Gentex PureFlo?

An all in one respirator featuring a modular design, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including manufacturing, welding, construction, pharmaceuticals, medical, health care and energy. Like the Powercap Active, the PureFlo line is suitable for use with beards and glasses with the NIOSH approval that the Powercap does not have. This line up provides superior protection without the need for hoses and belts; eliminating snag hazards. The head borne weight, comfort and durability makes the PureFlo line a standout innovation for keeping industrial workforces safe while enhancing productivity. 

We hope this new product line satisfies a variety of customer inquiries and needs that we have heard over the last few years. Our goal is to have the best in protection for everyone out there and we will continue to expand our product line over the coming months without sacrificing quality, protection and price point.

Stay safe out there.

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