Recap: A Memorable Experience at AAW Tradeshow 2024 + Our Plans For Houston WoodWorking Tradeshow 2024

Shanna Cooper
Thu Jun 13, 2024

Recap: A Memorable Experience at AAW Tradeshow 2024

This year’s AAW Tradeshow was in Portland, OR, and we are thrilled to get out there, meet so many of you for the first time, and hear about all of the cool stuff you’re getting up to. We’re always happy to visit the Portland area and spend the four days interacting with you all between immersive workshops, turning, and woodworking demonstrations. We remain in awe of what you all are able to put together for the gallery as well.

Highlights from the show included meeting Isaac, who is using a 16 year-old Powercap that's still working! Here's a photo of the unit from his workshop:


We’re always touched by how passionate folks are about our products, and we had a couple of demonstrators using the Powercap unprompted by us! Here is one of our fellow exhibitors making use of the Powercap while turning some starter bowls on the exhibition floor:


Lastly, and most importantly, there were even a few heartwarming accounts of how our products are keeping people healthy and engaged in their hobbies past the point they expected to be able to continue. These are the interactions that always hit me the hardest because it really is the reason for doing what we do. I won’t share names for obvious reasons, but I thank everyone who approached us and shared their experiences because it really kept us going through 4 incredibly busy days.

Looking Ahead: Join Us at the Houston Woodworking Show

As we reflect on the incredible experience at AAW, we are eagerly looking forward to our next adventure: the Houston Woodworking Show. Scheduled to take place from June 21st-23rd, this event promises to be another exciting opportunity to connect with the woodworking community, showcase our products, and learn from industry experts.

What to Expect From US at the Houston Woodworking Show:

1. Our Usual Interactive Booth:

Visit our booth to check out our latest safety gear and PAPRs tailored for woodworkers. Our team will be on hand to provide hands-on demonstrations, answer questions, and offer personalized recommendations to enhance your woodworking experience.

2. A New Product Intro:

We are excited to showcase a new product at the Houston Woodworking Show that is designed to address the unique safety challenges faced by woodworkers. Be among the first to discover these innovations and learn how they can elevate your craftsmanship.

Please drop by Booth 13 at the Houston Woodworking Show and say hello to us. It should be a great show.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you in Houston!

Stay Safe Out There,
The Peke Safety Team

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