The Benefits of Changing Your Filters On Time

Shanna Cooper
Wed Dec 01, 2021

In the PPE industry, its been assumed that less than 30% of people replace their filters when they should, which can dramatically impact the effectiveness of your respirator, expose you to harmful particles and cause dangerous bacteria/particulate build up on the filter itself. Our respirator line up is designed to filter a range of particulate down to .3 microns and will do so when the particulate comes into contact with the filter. Changing your filters on time is the only solution for total filtration efficiency.

Peke has made sure from the start to make it worry free for customers to get clean and new filters.

Tip: When is the right time to change your filters?

Our Respirator Line Up Is Divided Into Two:



Force 8

The passive respirator line up takes in surrounding air from every angle via breathing and filters the incoming air through all disposable filter layers, destroying pollutants. The result is filtered air with very minimal pollutants when in contact with another.


Powercap Active



The active respirator line up takes in surrounding air from the bottom of the device. If the system is equipped with a pre-filter and  blows contaminated air upward into the first filtration step, the pre-filter. The air then travels up into filter where particulates are captured and finally exits particulate free out the top of the device.


Phase 1 For Passive Respirators:

When contaminated air passes through a passive respirator, the particles are trapped within each layer of the passive filter allowing the air molecules that do pass through to be filtered when being inhaled by the user.

Phase 1 for Active Respirators:

When contaminated air passes through the pre-filter, larger particles are halted and removed from the air, preventing them from passing further.

 Large particles removed by the pre-filter typically include:

  • Dust
  • Grains of pollen
  • Larger wood/dry matter particulate

 You will see these particulates accumulate over time on the pre filter. This accumulation can affect airflow into the unit and reduce filtration efficiency with each use.

Phase 2 for Active Respirators:

In active respirators where pre – filters are utilized, large particles are removed from the air and trapped within the pre- filters while smaller molecules or particles that did not get picked up by the pre-filter will pass through and enter into the second phase of filtration. These smaller particles are, in many cases, the most dangerous. They include pollutants like airborne chemicals, toxic particulates or allergy producing proteins. These smaller particles are trapped within the main filter, leaving clean air to run through the respirator and into contact with you.

Dirty Filters Affect Performance:

 When pollutants are destroyed by the filters, they accumulate and create a layer of particulate build up. This build up will continue to increase with time, impeding the efficiency of the filter as well as diminish the air flow of the respirator. You will notice that the air you are breathing in is not as fresh, and the air flow will not be as effective.

 Pre-filters need to also be changed regularly as they will accumulate particulate build up faster than standard filters. You will see visible signs of accumulation when its time to change your pre-filter depending on your application conditions.

 If you are using your respirator in an environment with a larger than normal level of particles, you will likely need to replace your filter sooner. You can check your filters more often to see if there is a heavy layer of visible particles that are preventing airflow.

How filters are constantly improving

The technology behind these filters is independently tested and approved to the appropriate safety standard. Because the technology for PPE is constantly changing, our manufacturers are continuously developing the science behind this technology in order to provide our customers with the highest level of safety possible.

Please review our filter timeline guide here to stay up to date on changing filters and look out for our filter automation subscription we plan to launch in the very near future.

Our guide is just a general timeline to go off of as there is no one size fits all answer.

Stay safe out there

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