The Woodworking Series: How To Start Woodworking

Shanna Cooper
Mon Jul 11, 2022


From building cabinetry to perfecting the art of a chair, woodworking can encompass a vast array of activities and has been a highly sought after profession and hobby for many years. With its complexity comes a few important subject areas that one must be informed on before starting to woodwork. From the types of wood, to the appropriate tools, to the appropriate protection, an aspiring woodworker must be well versed to be successful. Here we will cover a few of the basic steps in order to begin your woodworking endeavor:  

What Is Woodworking?

Woodworking is a specialized craft that involves shaping, cutting and joining wood to create works of art, functional objects or other useful things. It has a variety of different verticals including joining, woodturning, chainsaw carving, carpentry, and cabinet making.

Wood was one of the first materials used in the modern era for production and continues to be a vastly important industry today. While the basics may not have changed, modern technology is continuously coming into play in the form of tools, equipment and advanced projects.

Important Tools For Woodworking

Woodworking tools are used to cut, shape, join, and execute any project. As with anything these days, there are many different types of each tool contingent on the type of product that you’re executing. Here are some common tools and equipment found in woodworking that every woodworker should have in their shop:


How To Start Woodworking

The beauty of woodworking is that it is a hobby or profession that you can start entirely on your own or look to others to learn from. We do suggest that if you are brand new to anything pertaining to woodworking, that you partake in an online woodworking class or reach out to a well known woodworking influencer such The Build With Ethan as on Instagram and see if you can learn some tips and tricks from them and their content. 

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