Why Are Force Typhoon 8 Filters Pink?

Shanna Cooper
Wed Feb 03, 2021


 We get asked a plethora of questions on a daily basis pertaining to PPE here at Peke Safety, but as of late, the most commonly asked question has been “why is the Force 8 Typhoon pink?” (subsequently followed by “does it come in any other colors?”).
            The quick answer: no, the Force Typhoon 8 does not come in any other colors. There is in fact a calculated reason behind JSP Safety’s choice of bright pink (magenta) for the Force Typhoon 8 Press to Check filters; and no, it was not due to the fact that an engineer over at JSP Safety just liked the color pink. With this “what in the world” topic at the forefront of our minds, we thought we would take a moment to explain why the bright hue is simply not just a vanity decision while providing a bit of insight into NIOSH’s guide to respirators.
            To begin, there are three main filter categories within the PPE industry:
  1. Particulate Filters
  2. Gas and Vapor Cartridges
  3. Combination Cartridges/Filters
For this topic, we will be focusing on particulate filters. Particulate filters capture particles through the mechanisms of impaction, interception and diffusion. These filters are enhanced with electrostatically charged fibers to help trap particulates within the filter media.
NIOSH has nine classifications for particulate filters based on minimum filtration efficiency and the type of aerosol (non-oil or contains oil).
The chart below shows the nine classifications.

Minimum Efficiency

N: non-oil aerosols

R: includes oil aerosols*

P: includes oil aerosols**













*time use restriction is possible when oil aerosol is present
**follow manufacturer’s time use suggestions when oil aerosols are present

Each filter type mentioned above is assigned a specific color by NIOSH in order to be identified correctly for the appropriate application, as seen in the color coding for NIOSH chart here:
The type of particular filter found on the Force Typhoon 8 is a p100 filter that operates at a 99.97% efficiency also known as a High Efficiency Filter. As you can see from the chart, a High Efficiency Filter is given the color assignment Magenta (or pink as so many of us call it.)
While the color choice may not be the most low profile option to wear while you work, the Force Typhoon 8 does come with a magnitude of features making it the winner of the BSIF Product Innovation Award in Europe. These features include:
  • Press to check fit allowing you to instantly check for the perfect fit every time
  • No fit test required
  • Comfortable thermoplastic rubber mask for superior fit
  • Fully adjustable 4 point cradle suspension ensuring a proper facial fit
  • CR2 Reflectivity for increased visibility in a low light environment
  • Cost effect Force 8 filters with a low profile angle = maximum visibility
  • Typhoon Exhalation Valve for easy breathing
  • Passes dolomite
  • Protects against even the finest construction dust
So before you rule out the Force Typhoon 8 for its bright color choice, consider it the perfect affordable option for chimney sweeps, construction workers, first responders, daily pandemic protection, farmers (the list goes on).
In a PPE sea of blue, white, orange, and red : think pink.


Stay safe out there.

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Would be very interested in knowing where in Ontario these can be obtained.
As one who works in the Chimney Sweeping industry [since 1977] and has respiratory issues already, I would be open to seeing or sampling one of these filters to see if it affects my breathing capacity.
We have utilized respirators in our Company since the early 80’s before any other company was.
We understand the value of a properly protected breathing atmosphere.
I personally am anxious to see how your units perform.
And I love the colour coding, makes it easy to ID which filter you require for what project. :-)

Yvette Aube @ 02/19/21

Funny, first question my girlfriend asked me, “Why is it pink?” I don’t care if it’s rainbow colored with blinking lights as long as it works. These filters so far are the best in terms of breathability.

Jeremy Hansen @ 02/18/21

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