why you should change your filters on your respirator

Shanna Cooper
Sat Sep 11, 2021
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Buying a respirator is only step 1 for protecting your respiratory, eye, and overall health for the rest of your life. Replacing your filters on a consistent basis Is step 2 and the most important step.


To recap: filters work like a strainer, trapping particles out of the air you breathe through them. When they fill up with debris, the air flow and the quality of your air is compromised as well. The longer you let that go, the more at risk you are. Changing your filters consistently is crucial.


Here is a quick run down as to why you need to change filters on your powered respirator :

  1. Strain on the motor – clogged filters causes the motor to work overtime on a powered respirator leading to some serious strain on the unit. Motor failure will result in an inability to use the unit
  1. Strain on the battery – when the filters are clogged and the motor is working twice as hard, the battery power will then be drained at a much faster rate as a result. The function of the battery may also deteriorate due to the strain.
  1. Compromised protection – this one is a given but when you are wearing a respirator with overly used filters, you might as well not be wearing anything at all. 
  1. Strain On Your Wallet – by not spending the $30-80 dollars to replace your filters, you’re putting yourself at risk to be spending $175-180 for a battery, $160 for a motor and an unknown dollar amount for possible medical bills due to respiratory/eye strain.

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Stay safe out there and change your filters.

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