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The Powercap Active IP Bundle
The Powercap Active IP Bundle
The Powercap Active IP Bundle
The Powercap Active IP Bundle
The Powercap Active IP Bundle
The Powercap Active IP Bundle

The Powercap Active IP Bundle


SKU 30-400-15-I

Industry Use: animal handling, agriculture, woodworking, sculpting, automotive bodywork, woodturning, chimney maintenance, construction, landscaping, food processing, allergy relief, general respiratory protection

The PowerCap Active is a low-profile positive pressure respirator with built-in head and face impact-resistance that is intended to provide respiratory protection from particulate contaminants while alleviating the discomfort caused by traditional half masks. Suitable for a wide variety of light industrial, farming, contracting, and hobbyist applications, the PowerCap Active is uniquely designed to be as lightweight and compact as a baseball cap and excels in tight spaces and other working environments where freedom of movement is critical and trailing tubes and cables can present a hazard. Positive pressure means that fit testing is not required and that full protection factors are afforded to those with beards and other facial hair.

The respirator features an impact-resistant face shield making it ideal for tasks where flying debris is a concern. Supplied P2 filter cartridges remove dust and other airborne contaminants with 94% efficiency down to .3 microns while air is moved across the face with a flow rate of 160 liters per minute. This exceeds the requirements of an N95 particulate face mask.

Unit ships with face visor, two P2 filter cartridges, one rechargeable 8-hr battery pack, and battery charging dock. Optional accessories including disposable peel-off visor protectors, replacement battery packs, replacement visors, and replacement face seals are available.


  • Positive airflow prevents visor from fogging up while in use
  • Excels in dusty environments, farming, and in light industrial applications including woodworking, animal handling, construction, general contracting, and chimney maintenance
  • Impact face shield provides added protection from flying particles
  • HE2 Filters and rechargeable battery packs are swappable for extended unit life expectancy
  • Modular design allows for complete disassembly and cleaning

Included With This Bundle:

+ Pre - Filter Pads (Pack of 10)
The Powercap pre-filter pads help extend the life of the P2 filter cartridges by protecting the exposed pleats of the filters from large, visible clumps of floating particulate matter. This keeps the P2 filters running at maximum efficiency, allow for continued filtration of dangerous microscopic contaminants for extended periods and in the harshest of usage conditions.

+ Powercap Active P2 Filters (Pack of 2)
Replacement P2 filters for the Powercap Active replacement filters for the Powercap Active. Provides equivalent of N95 particulate protection, meaning that the filter is 95% efficient against non-oil based particulates down to .3 microns in size.

+ Peel Off Visor Protectors (Pack of 10)
Peel-off visor protectors for the Powercap Active IP help keep the impact-resistant face shield scratch and dirt free, reducing the frequency of face shield replacement. Maintaining a clean, unobscured face shield helps reduce fatigue while working and greatly improve user safety.

Products that do not list an explicit NIOSH approval on our website do not carry such an approval and should not be used in OSHA regulated environments without the expressed, written approval of a qualified safety manager or local representative of OSHA. All respiratory and safety equipment, regardless of approval, should not be used without prior medical sign-off by a certified physician. 

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