X38 3-Line Decon Shower
X38 3-Line Decon Shower
X38 3-Line Decon Shower

X38 3-Line Decon Shower

Peke Safety

X38 3-Line Decon Shower

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Peke Safety
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The X-Series 3-Line 8 Decontamination Shelter provides three shower lines for the effective decontamination of multiple ambulatory or non-ambulatory casualties as well as larger emergency response teams.

Small undress and redress areas at each end accommodate the pre-shower doffing of contaminated clothing and post-shower donning of clean clothing inside the shelter. Two lengthwise active curtains and two transverse water booms feature 20 internal spray nozzles capable of up to .4 GPM throughput. Shelters can be set up by only two to four people in just minutes for rapid deployment when every second counts.

The X-Series 3-Line 8 Decon Shower is a stand-alone articulating decontamination shower. All individual components available separately. System consults available.

Our shelters are used in over 30 countries and 45 states in the USA by 1st responders and military bases. Please call to discuss your requirement so we can present the most economical and practical solution based on or 40 years of experience.

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Core benefits
  • External articulating frame manufactured from corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum
  • Design facilitates rapid deployment as the shelter can operate with 30% of frame missing or broken
  • UV stable, fire retardant and chemical resistant fabric on interior that protects exterior frame from contaminants and expedites cleanup
  • Thermostatic temperature valve and gauge for easy water temperature management
  • Integrated interior berm covers entire floor of decon area and contains the waste water runoff
  • On / off capable shower nozzles on interior fabric saturate patients with 360º of spray
Shelter includes

2 x Active Curtainswith integrated water booms and nozzles
2 x Isolation Curtainswith tie downs
4 x Privacy Curtains
1 x Interior Catch Basin
2 x Zippered Clothing Portsper Side
1 x 6” diameter Snorkeled Portper side
1 x 14” diameter Snorkeled Portper side
2 x 5–Panel Zippered End Doorswith Velcro strips
1 x Ground Cloth
1 x Anchor Kit
1 x Repair Kit
1 x Hose Adaptor Kit
1 x Transport Bag



Length: 19.5 ft (5.94 m), Width: 10.75 ft (3.28 m), Height: 8 ft (2.44 m)


Length: 21.41 ft (6.52 m), Width: 11.43 ft (3.48 m), Height: 8.91 ft (2.71 m)

Stored Cube

Width: 3.75 ft (1.14 m), Height: 3.75 ft (1.14 m), Depth: 3.75 ft (1.14 m)


Shelter Weight

215 Lbs (65.77 Kgs)

Shipping Weight

358 Lbs (145.15 Kgs)

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