Keeping Safe From Sawdust

Shanna Cooper
Thu Dec 12, 2019
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Our awareness of what we breathe in on a daily basis is far more expansive than it ever used to be. For many, their jobs and hobbies entail exposure to unknown particles and fumes on a consistent basis. The woodworking industry is one of the most common industries for particle and chemical exposure. Our line of respiratory protection is available to both professionals and hobbyists alike, providing the most effective and comprehensive lung and eye protection on the market suitable for any budget and any application level.

With woodworking comes continuous exposure to lacquers, solvents, coatings, adhesives and saw dust. All materials known to possess fumes and particles dangerous to ones health, increasing the risk for long term eye/nose/throat irritation, dizziness, chronic fatigue, asthma, nausea, lung disease, kidney disease and cancer. A significant number of woodworkers are unknowingly exposing themselves to toxic levels of product on a daily basis. The most logical thing for a woodworker to do to ensure protection during fabrication is to appropriately match themselves to one of our three filter masks/respirators based on their application level.


If you find yourself only woodworking on occasion or as a hobby, then our Filterspec is the perfect match for you. As an economical choice, this half face respirator with scratch resistant eyewear and replaceable half mask inserts creates a comfortable and integrated solution for both eye and respiratory protection. This combination provides 94% efficiency down to .001-.003 micron particles making it ideal for mild to moderate sawdust and chemical exposure. (Wood particles typically range from 2 – 10 microns). Its anti-fog and anti-scratch lenses are also a plus when visibility is crucial.

If you classify yourself as a woodworker for a living but work primarily with just domestic woods, then our Filterspec Pro is the best choice. With a higher level impact elasticated anti-fog protective goggle and disposable half mask than the Filterspec, the Filterspec Pro provides comprehensive sealed protection from airborne particles and debris during basic woodworking and when applying wood finishes. This combination provides 94% efficiency down to .003 microns ensuring proper protection against eye, skin and respiratory irritation.

For the full-time woodworker who is hands on with a variety of products including exotic woods; a powered respirator is your most suitable option. With a low-profile positive pressure respirator and built in head impact-resistance, our Powercap Activeis lightweight, as compact as a baseball cap and will never impede you during your work. It provides respiratory protection from all contaminants a woodworker might come across and is more comfortable than a traditional half mask respirator. It also allows anyone with wood allergies to continue working in this field without any issue. With an impact resistant full face screen, you’re guaranteed to be protected from possible flying debris from power tools and dust to come in contact with your skin and eyes. Add in an 8 hour rechargeable battery, filtration of 98% efficiency down to .003 microns, and an air flow of 160 liters per minute (that also keeps you cool), and you’ll be able to work all day without any issue.

If you find yourself working with lacquer or varnish on a regular basis, then we suggest our Jetstream GV-X. With vapour exposure, it is imperative to wear a waist-mounted respirator with a positive airflow headpiece and full facial protection. The A2+PSL filter  of the Jetstream will protect you from wood dusts, solvents and all vapors.

The beauty of our line up is that they are truly one size fits all and designed to protect you with all woodworking applications. (Check out the photo of Paul during his chainsaw carving).  Whether you have no facial hair, a beard or even wear glasses, our respirators provide a perfect fit every time. It doesn’t matter if woodworking is a hobby, a part time job or your full time career; we guarantee that your eyes and lungs will feel clear during all of your creation making.

Stay Safe Out There

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Hi, I am interested in the Power Cap. I am looking to use it while using paint spray guns (thinner, lacquer based and water based paints, and hydro dipping activators). Will this be sufficient with proper filters?

Erick seeman @ 03/17/21

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