The Powercap Active vs The Powercap Bundle

Shanna Cooper
Fri Feb 26, 2021


A lot of our customers reach out wondering what the difference is between the Powercap Active Bundle and the Powercap Active purchased individually.

The bundle is a unique combination of the Powercap and accessories, designed to be a quick shop for those needing the most comprehensive level of Powercap protection.

The pre filters for the Powercap Active provide an extra layer of protection on the P2 filters, not only to extend the life of the P2 filter marginally, but to also help filter out any additional particulates (think of it as an extra filter layer).

The visor peel off protectors provide the same level of protection as a cell phone protector screen would; ensuring that your Powercap Active visor stays scratch free.

The extra set of P2 filters ensures that you are able to stay working safely for an additional 1 – 3 months before having to replace your filters again.

Who is the Powercap Active bundle for?

We recommend the Powercap Active bundle for those working in heavier particulate environments on a reoccurring basis, such as woodworkers, chimney sweeps, chainsaw carvers, animal handlers, vets, etc.

If you are wearing the Powercap Active for light protection during the pandemic/COVID-19, to travel or in industries like hairdressing/movie production ; we recommend purchasing The Powercap Active along with a pack of visor peel off protectors to ensure your visor stays scratch free.

No matter which Powercap product you go with, you will be fully protected with the lightest head mounted respirator on the market.

Stay safe out there.

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How do I purchase this and do you ship to Malaysia?

Priya @ 06/22/21

Just purchased mine and I absolutely love it. Quiet, cooling and keeps the dust out. Very well balanced and no distortion from the visor protector. Highly recommend especially if you were glasses or have a beard.

Jonathan D Klein @ 03/08/21

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