The Trend Respirator Vs The Powercap Active: Which Respirator Is Better?

Shanna Cooper
Thu Jul 15, 2021


When it comes to powered head mounted respirators, there are two on the market that are the most popular: The Trend Air Circulating Airshield Pro, a respirator that has been around for over 15 years, and The Powercap Active IP PAPR, the lightest head mounted respirator in the world.

One of the most common questions we get from customer inquiries, is what is the difference between two products that look similar but are in fact, quite different.

So thought we would break down the immediate differences to help make the choice between the two easier for you.


Weight is an important topic considering the length of time you may find yourself wearing an entirely head mounted respirator. Poor weight distribution and heaviness may result in back/neck pain and difficulty to work comfortably. The Powercap Active’s motor and filters are found directly on the front and center of the unit allowing for equal weight distribution and a lightweight feel. The Trend features a flip up visor with its motor and filter contained internally inside the head piece from front to back. This unfortunately results in poor weight distribution on the head and a heavy effect when trying to lean forward to work on what is in front of you not only causing discomfort, but long term damage to your neck and posture.

Anyone wearing head mounted respirators prioritizes weight distribution as one of the primary buying factor, so it is important to look at what the weight of the respirator will be on the head.

Actual weight specifications:

The Trend – 2.8 pounds –The trend is made up of plastic material in a condensed unit design resulting in a slightly heavier item overall. Its flip up visor adds some additional weight due to the thickness of it as well.

The Powercap – 1.8 pounds – The Powercap featuers a modular design with lightweight components and a lighter body overall making it a lighter unit overall.

Winner: The Powercap

Level of Protection

The initial investment of a product of this nature (keep in mind that you can’t replace your lungs for the cost of a Powercap) is not the only cost that one must think about when using this product long term. It is important, with a respirator of this nature, to promptly replace the filters on a regular basis to avoid any damage to the motor/unit itself and other spare parts (such as visor peel off protectors).

 Head Protection

Head protection is an incredibly important aspect of a respirator if you are working with the potential of flying debris.

The Trend – no recognized standard for head protection

The Powercap – The Powercap features a built in bump cap that is rated to an EN standard with light impact protection

 Winner: The Powercap


Both units require a 2-3 month filter replacement at most (depending on frequency of use).

The Trend Filters- $66.99 – The trend filters are currently rated at a 98% filter efficiency down to .6 microns

The Powercap Filters- $40 – The Powercap filters are currently rated at a minimum of 94% efficiency  down to .3 microns with an EN standard.

Winner: The Powercap

Ownership Cost


The Trend
Peel Off Visor Protectors – $49.26 – 10pack

Battery Charger - $62.39

The Powercap
Peel Off Visor Protectors - $35 – 10pack

Car Charger - $25

Battery Charger - $51

Winner: The Powercap

Maintenance Parts

The Trend
Battery – $79 : NI-MH battery – 250 charging cycles – NICAD memory – slightly heavier and does not have smart charging technology

Motor – not available

Replacement Visor - $43.55

Face Seal - $33.25

Replacement Headpiece - $55

The Powercap
Battery- $148 – Lithium Ion  with 3000-4000 charging cycle. Lightweight. No memory issues and smart charging technology.

Motor – $165

Replacement Face Seal- $20

Replacement Visor- $55

Winner: The Powercap


It is important to take a look at all aspects listed above when choosing to buy a powered respirator, as it is one that you should keep for years to come. Quality and design is important given that the product should last when properly taken care of. The modular design of the Powercap is beneficial when it comes to long term care. A respirator with a modular design means that you can easily replace individual parts as needed from the comfort of your own home and not worry about having to purchase an entirely new unit. Comfort is also incredibly important given the length of time/frequency that you will be wearing such a respirator, making weight something to pay attention to. The Powercap again comes in at a full pound lighter.

Accessories/Spares/maintenance parts are other factors to take into consideration given that it will be a cost from time to time. The Powercap is in fact cheaper with a slightly larger product offering.

Filter replacements are the second most important factor to consider next to comfort/quality given that all filters of this nature should be replaced consistently year round. Unfortunately the Trend falls short with its higher filter price tag and low filtration level.

So while The Trend may be slightly cheaper upon first glance at purchase price, it does end up being more costly in the long run, not to mention heavier and lower quality with less visibility when working.

When choosing to invest in a powered respirator, your best purchase is the lightest head mounted respirator in the world, The Powercap Active.

No matter what you decide, we hope this helps you to make a more informed decision.

Stay safe out there.

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I have the power cap for about a year and I am disappointed as the neoprene liners are falling apart,I have safety pins hold it together,your caps are very expensive and your quality should be higher using better glues Tao they don’t come apart,I’m a chainsaw carver and a lot of carvers in out group are having the same issues

Robert Unik @ 07/17/21

Absolutely love my Powercap. Have had it for two years and wouldn’t be without it. Also must say what great service PEKE Safety has provided.

Earl Bartell @ 07/16/21

I have used both, purchased the Powercap, and agree with your overall assessment. Thanks for putting this together in one easy to read place.

Glenn Johnson @ 07/16/21

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