Powercap Active IP Respirator
Powercap Active IP Respirator
Powercap Active Particulate PAPR Front View
Powercap Active Particulate PAPR Top View
Powercap Active IP Respirator
Powercap Active IP Respirator
Powercap Active IP Respirator
Powercap Active IP Respirator

Powercap Active IP Respirator

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Powercap Active IP Respirator

Part #: 30-400-2-I
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Due to popularity of this product, there is a 2 week shipping delay on this product.  

Lightweight and more balanced on the head than its competitors. The Powercap is the lightest head mounted PAPR in the World with over 8,000 sold in the USA. This PAPR is the go to product for professional woodturners and hobbyists,chimney sweeps, allergy sufferers, and others that need the best in particulate protection.

With more cost efficient filter and spare part replacements, the Powercap is a better investment than its competitors.

The PowerCap Active IP is a low-profile positive pressure respirator with built-in head impact-resistance intended to provide respiratory protection from particulate contaminants while alleviating the discomfort caused by traditional half masks.

Uniquely designed to be as lightweight and compact as a baseball cap, the Powercap Active IP excels in tight spaces and other working environments where freedom of movement is critical and trailing tubes and cables can present a hazard. Positive pressure means that fit testing is not required and that full protection factors are afforded to those with beards and other facial hair. The respirator features an impact-resistant face shield making it ideal for tasks where flying debris is a concern.

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Products that do not list an explicit NIOSH or ANSI approval on our website do not carry such an approval and should not be used in OSHA regulated environments without the expressed, written approval of a qualified safety manager or local representative of OSHA.

No respirator sold by Peke Safety is suitable for asbestos remediation.

All respiratory and safety equipment, regardless of approval, should not be used without prior medical sign-off by a certified physician.

Core benefits
  • P2 filter cartridges remove dust and other airborne contaminants with at least 94% efficiency down to .3 microns.
  • Filtered air is moved across at a rate of 160 liters per minute.
  • Exceeds the requirements of an N95 particulate face mask.
  • Modular construction allows for all components to be replaced as required.
Unit includes:
  • 1 x Powercap Active IP
  • 2 x P2 filters
  • 1 x Rechargeable 8-hr battery pack
  • 1 x Airflow indicator

Powercap Active IP Respirator Specifications


3.57 Lbs


15.5" (L), 9.44" (W), 10.62" (H)


5.2 CFM

Airflow Alarm


Operation / Charging Time

8 hours / 3 hours


Li-Ion - 3800mAh, 3.7V, 14.06Wh

Certifications (EN):

EN12941:1988 TH1P (Respiratory), EN166 1B (Visor)

Powercap Active FAQs

What are the suitable applications for the powercap active?

Light Industrial Uses, agricultural, livestock, poultry farming, woodworking, gardening, food processing and sweeping. The powercap active respirator is best suited for environments where Assigned Protection Factors of up to 10 are required, or involve any asthamatic hazards.

Will the powercap active protect against vapors?

No, the Powercap Active is not suitable for these applications, as it is a particulate respirator only. If more protection is needed please see our other products or contact us at contact@pekesafety.com for recommendations to best suit your application.

How often should i change my filters?

Unfortunately there is no one time fits all answer to this question as it depends on frequency of use, the level of exposure in the environment, and what you are exposing yourself to. Filters work like a strainer, trapping particles out of the air. When the filter fills up with these particles, the filter is no longer functioning. Once the filters have absorbed all they can, the particles start passing through and can lock up your motor.

Simple answer: when the filter looks dirty, the air flow indicator is showing lower air flows, or you are starting to smell or taste fumes; it's time to change your filters.

How should i clean my powercap?

To get the best use from your powercap, you should be cleaning the pre-filters by removing them from the filters, and either dusting them off or using a vacuum hose on them; however, you should never use a vacuum on the filters themselves. 

Please refer to the user manual for cleaning instructions on the visor and unit in general. The powercap active is susceptible to damage if certain products are used on it.

How can i best maintain my powercap?

To keep your powercap in the best possible condition you should be replacing your filters as often as necessary (See: How often should I change my filters?) and using the peel-off visor protectors we have available for purchase under the powercap accessories. This will prevent your face shield from getting scratched.

Is the powercap active compatible with beards and people who wear glasses?

The Powercap Active is a powered air, positive pressure respirator.  It does not require a tight face seal or fit test making it compatible with people who have beards or wear glasses.

How can i troubleshoot my powercap active?

Your Powercap Active comes with an Airflow Indicator test. Turn your Powercap with the bumpcap lying on a flat surface. Insert the Airflow Indicator, and turn your Powercap on. Then observe the white meter from the side of the Airflow Indicator that the red-to-green scale is on. If when the unit is fully charged the meter reaches the green part of the scale, then your Powercap is working optimally. Please keep in mind that the meter will never reach the full scale of the green area, and it is normal for it to be relatively close to the red scale. 

However, if the meter does not reach past the red scale, then it is an indication that either the filters aren’t working properly, the unit is not properly charged, or there is an issue with the unit’s motor. Please do the following:

  • Check that your battery is charged- a low battery can result in low air pressure
  • Make sure that your filters have been properly cleaned and maintained, replacing them as often as recommended.
  • Clogged filters can affect the airflow of your Powercap active.

Once you have take these steps, if you are still experiencing issues then please reach out to returns@pekesafety.com.

Is there a warranty for the powercap active?

There is a one year warranty on the JSP PowerCap Active. We will either send you a return label so that we can repair your powercap, or if we are able to diagnose the issue without physical inspection and you are comfortable repairing the powercap yourself we will send you the necessary parts. If your powercap is out of warranty, we will still work with you to make sure you have a functioning powercap, however you will be responsible for the costs of any replacement parts.

All items with a 1 year standard manufacturer's warranty that covers defects caused by faults in the manufacturing process only. Evidence that product from Peke Safety has been tampered with or that product failure has come as the result of misuse will void any warranty obligation. If upon receipt, we determine that the need for repair of the product is a result of improper maintenance or general neglect, we will require a product refurbishment and charge a refurbishment fee.

How is the battery life on the powercap active?

On receipt of the unit, run the battery flat and charge for 16 hours to reach maximum capacity. Following charging cycles should then take 8 hours. If the unit is run completely flat, or the unit has not been used for a long period it would be advisable to repeat the 8-16hr charge cycle.

What kind of filters does the powercap active use?

The powercap active respirator uses TH1P filters, they offer a similar protection as FFP2 filters. These filters are suitable for protection against the following: Wood dust, Cement dust, Plaster dust, Tile dust, Brick dust, Masonry dust, Glass and mineral fibres, Metal dusts.

Does the powercap active respirator have any certifications?

The Powercap Active has undergone many tests to ensure your safety. It has achieved the certification EN 12941: This standard specifies whether a powered filtering device incorporating a helmet or hood with gas, particle or combined filter meets the minimum requirements for respiratory protection. Note: The Powercap Active is NOT OSHA approved.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Janet Lebkuecher
Live the respirator

This respirator is well worth the money. I absolutely love it!!

Jim Mosteller
clean breathing in the mist of the wood dust storm.

Not only can I wear the power cap while turning or sanding wood, but also when I use my air compressor zozzle to air hose the shop clean. yahoo!

Daniel Vallecoccia
Worth every penny

This respirator is everything I'd hoped it would be. Its much lighter than expected, and comfortable to wear all day. Works well with glasses and a beard. Also, my ISO tunes link over the ear headphones, fit comfortably. I would highly recommend!

Jeffrey Dugan

I’m a woodworker, sanding down through eight different grits. I have a dust collector and I wear a dust mask, but I always breathe in some fine sawdust and end up coughing for hours. I need my mobility, so can’t be tethered by hoses and cords. I have looked for a few years, and finally found your respirator online. It was shipped right away and it is exactly what I have needed. I have my mobility, great field of vision even wearing my glasses, and I’m breathing clean air to boot! Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Clarence Washington
powercap active IP

great job