Wear A Mask, Save The Economy

Shanna Cooper
Thu Nov 12, 2020

Could wearing a mask contribute to saving our economy and prevent the catastrophic effects of a shutdown?

Goldman Sachs recently reported that a mask mandate would actually lead to a 25% increase in mask wearing and would lead to a follow-on lowering of the COVID-19 infection rate by 25%. When coupled with CDC- recommended best practices around hand washing and social
distancing, this simple practice would limit in the virus transmission rate and help avoid the subsequent shut down of businesses large and small, helping to keep the American economy going.

As much as 5%, or 1 Trillion USD’s worth of GDP hangs in the balance.

Once the numbers are understood, wearing a mask like a KN95, Powercap Active, or Filterspec and following CDC distancing and cleanliness guidelines look far less painful than weathering further impacts of the American economy.

It is important to note that the United States is simply a step behind in adopting masks as a normal part of daily life and is an outlier in how it has responded to the pandemic.

In both Asia and Europe masks are either commonly used for personal safety or mandated. The populations of those nations have experienced better health and economic outcomes as a result.

Mask adoption seems more viable when national resistance to a mandate isn’t, in actuality, that high. In spite of an apparent prevalence of deep concerns that mandated mask wearing would violate constitutional rights, a New York Times/Siena College poll found that 54% of people always wear a mask, 22% usually wear a mask around others and only 22% say they
rarely or never wear a mask.

If we all chose to look at the mandate as our personal contribution to our local communities, our fellow citizens and our national economy, then we could all be protecting ourselves not only from the health consequences but the social and economic consequences of this pandemic.

We would love to hear your thoughts on a mask mandate.

stay safe out there.

Products that do not list an explicit NIOSH approval on our website do not carry such an approval and should not be used in OSHA regulated environments without the expressed, written approval of a qualified safety manager or local representative of OSHA. All respiratory and safety equipment, regardless of approval, should not be used without prior medical sign-off by a certified physician. 
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