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HydraCool Apparel (Coming 2020)

Introducing HydraCool Apparel:
A one of a kind line designed to eliminate sweat and keep you hydrated while active.

The HydraCool Sport and HydraCool Pro vests provide long effective cooling relief in warm temperatures as well as extreme heat conditions. It uses cutting edge technology to ensure that it protects and cools the body in an optimal way. 

No electronic devices are required for activation -
only water with a lifespan of over 1,000 cycles. 

With the HydraCool line, cooling is immediate but gentle and gives a refreshing feeling of cooling for industrial work, hobbyists, outdoor work, and sports environments. These cooling vests reduce fatigue by utilizing body heat to evaporate its water contents. 

With a streamlined design, the HydraCool Sport and HydraCool Pro will fit closely to the user allowing them to perform at optimal levels without feeling interrupted.

Keep cool while you work with HydraCool. 

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