DTAPS C2 Biological & Chemical Coverall
DTAPS C2 Biological & Chemical Coverall

DTAPS C2 Biological & Chemical Coverall

Peke Safety

DTAPS C2 Biological & Chemical Coverall

Part #: 10-540-1
Peke Safety
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NSN #: 8415-NC-M09-3658 (Neck Dam)

The DTAPS C2 chemical coverall offers the second level of barrier protection within Peke Safety’s Disposable Toxicological Agent Protective System (DTAPS) line of protective clothing, focused on operational protection from biological and bloodborne pathogens and acids, bases, alcohols, and other contaminants found in industrial applications.

Bringing with it unparalleled strength and softness, the C2 chemical coverall is constructed of ChemMAX 2 film with a DOW Saranex 23P film on two layers of a bi-component spun bond non-woven substrate. This unique design provides protection against a biological contaminants and industrial chemicals during such applications as emergency response work, infection control, chemical mixing and handling, environmental clean-up, pharmaceutical manufacturing, spray painting, and hazardous materials remediation and response.

The DTAPS C2 features a custom neck dam that minimizes vapor intrusion into the coverall, along with elastic wrists and ankles.

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All respiratory and safety equipment, regardless of approval, should not be used without prior medical sign-off by a certified physician.
Core benefits
  • ChemMax 2 passes all ISO-16603 and ISO-16604 material testing requirements
  • Heat-sealed seams provide liquid-proof protection
  • Barrier protection from gases, water vapor, and aromas
  • Chemical resistance from most acids, bases, foods, pharmaceuticals, and alcohols, and bloodborne pathogens
  • Protection level remains unaffected by high-humidity environments

DTAPS C2 Physical Testing Results

Physical Property Test Method Units Test Results
Basis Weight ASTM D3776 oz/yd2 4.3
Grab Tensile MD ASTM D5034 lbs 47
Grab Tensile XD ASTM D5034 lbs 33.9
Trapezoidal Tear MD ASTM D5733 lbs 29.95
Trapezoidal Tear XD ASTM D5733 lbs 12.47

Permeation Data for ASTMF1001 List of Chemicals

Chemical Name Physical State CAS Number NBT (Min.)
Acetone L 67-64-1 9
Acetronitrile L 75-05-8 < 15
Ammonia G 7664-41-7 15
1,3 Butadilene G 106-99-0 > 480
Carbon Disulfide L 75-15-0 imm.
Chlorine G 7782-50-5 > 480
Dichloromethane L 75-09-2 imm.
Diethylamine L 109-89-7 imm.
Dimethyl Formanide L 68-12-2 18
Ethyl Acetate L 141-78-6 21
Ethylene Oxide G 75-21-8 24
n-Hexane L 110-54-3 21
Hydrogen Chloride G 7647-01-0 > 410
Methanol L 67-56-1 > 480
Methyl Chloride G 74-87-3 > 480
Nitrobenzene L 98-95-3 45
Sodium Hydroxide L 1310-73-2 > 480
Sulfuric Acid, 98% L 7664-93-9 > 480
Tetrachloroethylene L 127-18-4 imm.
Tetrahydrofuran L 109-99-9 imm.
Toulene L 108-88-3 imm.

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