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Powercap Active IP Respirator
Powercap Active IP Respirator
Powercap Active IP Respirator
Powercap Active Particulate PAPR Side View
Powercap Active Particulate PAPR Front View
Powercap Active Particulate PAPR Top View
Powercap Active IP Respirator
Powercap Active IP Respirator

Powercap Active IP Respirator


SKU 30-400-2-I

Due to supply shipping delays the estimated shipping date: February 11th


The PowerCap Active IP is a low-profile positive pressure respirator with built-in head impact-resistance intended to provide respiratory protection from particulate contaminants while alleviating the discomfort caused by traditional half masks.

Uniquely designed to be as lightweight and compact as a baseball cap, the Powercap Active IP excels in tight spaces and other working environments where freedom of movement is critical and trailing tubes and cables can present a hazard. Positive pressure means that fit testing is not required and that full protection factors are afforded to those with beards and other facial hair. The respirator features an impact-resistant face shield making it ideal for tasks where flying debris is a concern.

Core Benefits:

  • P2 filter cartridges remove dust and other airborne contaminants with at least 94% efficiency down to .3 microns.
  • Filtered air is moved across at a rate of 160 liters per minute.
  • Exceeds the requirements of an N95 particulate face mask.
  • Modular construction allows for all components to be replaced as required.

Unit Includes:

1 x Powercap Active IP, 2 x P2 filters 1 x Rechargeable 8-hr battery pack, 1 x battery charging dock, 1 x Airflow indicator

Conforms to EN 166, EN812+A1, EN12941+A2 TH1P. Respiratory protection to EN12941:1988 TH1P. Assigned Protection Factor 10 (UK classification) equivalent to an EN149 FFP2. Visor Protection: an impact protection of EN166 1B, ideal for working in environments where there is danger of flying particles. Products that do not list an explicit NIOSH approval on our website do not carry such an approval and should not be used in OSHA regulated environments without the expressed, written approval of a qualified safety manager or local representative of OSHA. All respiratory and safety equipment, regardless of approval, should not be used without prior medical sign-off by a certified physician.

Customer Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Sid Taylor
Perfect - love it!

This thing works great! Super light weight and easy to put on/take off. It's obviously very well made as well. I should have ordered this a year ago when I first started woodturning.

Robert C
Love that Powercap!

The Powercap Active IP Respirator was a gift for my wife. She is turning pens out of polymer clay and tropical hardwoods. I had seen the Powercap used by Emma Cook, The Tiny Turner. It looked comfortable and seemed to provide protection from inhaling potentially toxic particles and dust. My wife loves it! It provides excellent clear wide-range vision, full face coverage, and great air circulation. The added convenience of a rechargeable pack is just the icing on the cake. Thanks Peke for carrying such an excellent product.

Bill Wiard
Ended up paying shipping when I was told I met The $495 amount

Powercap is excellent. Fits well, not too heavy and filters dust very well which was my biggest concern

George S.
It’ll fit

I ordered it 2 weeks ago… it didn’t fit… I removed the inner bump cap part (didn’t need the bump cap part anyway) and it easily fits and damn comfortable….. bad weather since figured that but but I’m sure it will work superbly…. super fast shipping great customer service…..

Tom Morrissey
An amazing product, but it definitely needs some improvements.

I've been using the powercap for a while now; and it's an absolute necessity. I chainsaw carve and the dust gets everywhere! This mask is saving my lungs.There are a few things I've noticed that are concerning when it comes to quality. First, when the powercap arrived in the mail, the helmets foam insert had come undone from the cap; I simply used spray addehesive to put it back on. Second, the fabric of the powercap liner that rests against the user's face comes apart. It's a three layered piece of material with a soft velcro compatible exterior and a foam interior, this piece needs improving.