RapidPro Flash Water Heater
RapidPro Flash Water Heater

RapidPro Flash Water Heater

Peke Safety

RapidPro Flash Water Heater

Part #: 13-101-81
Peke Safety
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The RapidPro WH-166 diesel‐fired flash water heater is designed to address many of the maintenance and systemic weaknesses of existing flash water heaters in use by decon teams around the world

The WH-166 will provide water at a rate of 16 GPM through two separate wash and rinse outlets. It is built on a reinforced steam frame with a wide base and run-flat tires to allow for maximum stability while in use and portability during setup.

Plumbing is fully exposed for ease of access, and a high mounting point for the dosatron means water more readily drains out of the system, lowering the risk for damage from lack of use / maintenance.

Available in 50hz and 60hz wiring variations, depending on local electrical requirements.

    Core benefits
    • Electronic, weather-resistant starter In-line GFCI rated for 20 Amps to prevent risk of electrical shock
    • Thermostatic Temperature Valve allows easy manipulation of water temperature
    • In‐line water filter effectively removes sediment and other debris from input water
    • Stainless steel construction is non‐corrosive and completely weather resistant
    • Easy-to-access to fuel connections and locking-pin alignment fuel in line to prevent accidental leaks
    System includes

    1 x Hydrant compatible inputs
    1 x 1 .5” FNPT to 1” MNPT garden hose adapter
    1 x Closed-loop temperature control with max. temperature shut‐off
    1 x Pressure reduction valve

    RapidPro Flash Water Heater Specifications

    Hose Outputs

    2 x .75" camlock wash (.29 cm) 2 x .75" cam lock rinse (.29 cm)

    Temperature Range

    41F rise w/ 58F input (2.77C rise w/ 14C input)

    Input Flow Rate

    15 gpm

    BTUs Output

    440,000 btu

    Voltage / Phase / Cycle

    115V, single-phase (60 Hz Model) 230V, single-phase (50 Hz Model)


    2 Wash, 2 Rinse

    Extension Chord Length

    100' (30.48m)

    Fuel Type

    No. 2 Diesel

    Fuel Capacity

    7.4 gallons (28L)


    3.41' L x 2.5' W x 2.95' H (1.04m x .76m x .9m)

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