PPE With Eye Protection

Shanna Cooper
Thu Oct 28, 2021

The discussion of PPE tends to focus primarily on the respiratory tract and protection pertaining to it. However, protection of the eyes is equally as important when it comes to the use of PPE.

Traditionally many respirators only come with protection for the respiratory tract, making the need to shop for comfortable and effective eyewear mandatory.

Not only is the separate purchase of eyewear a cumbersome and inefficient task, but can also lead to the issue of discomfort, headaches from poor fitting eyewear, visibility issues and fogging.  

After hearing these complaints for years amongst the industry, we here at Peke Safety wanted to offer effective solutions to this common issue.

Here is a list of respirators with built in eye protection:

  1. Filterspec – with built in safety glasses, the Filterspec offers eye protection that is not only comfortable but also completely anti-fog due to its unique design.

  2. Filterspec Pro – with built in safety goggles, the Filterspec Pro offers comprehensive eye protection with a fully adjustable strap also with anti-fog technology. In addition, the design allows for most glasses to be worn underneath.


Bonus: both eyewear on the Filterspec and Filterspec Pro are removable.

  1. Powercap Active – dislike the feeling of safety glasses altogether? A powered respirator like the Powercap Active eliminates the need for eye protection due to its full face shield that is impact resistant.

  2. CleanAir + Infinity – If belt mounted respirators are required due to your application, look for a face piece like the ones listed below from our Clean Air and Infinity lines.


Our soon to be released UniMask offers full face protection without the need for safety glasses.

Our CA3, CA4 and CA40 have head impact protection and a full face visor.

Not only do these offerings provide a more cost effective solution, they also make the need for wearing PPE easier and more comfortable. Purchasing safety glasses that are not designed for the respirator in use can lead to a variety of discomforts and hazards due to a poor fit or conflict in design.

If you need to protect your lungs, then why not protect your eyes at the same time?

Stay safe out there.

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