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Very helpful and professional 😁


It is good to get the respirator back for use. The repaired motor makes a slight ticking noise and the face shield has come loose at the top because my head is a little large and the face shield is a little small.

Great products

just a friendly reminder...update the website more regularly so we know what is really in stock!

Essential purchase

All shop equipment is subject to flying liquids, abrasive materials and many other situations which will cause damage. These shields are very easy to change and much less expensive than replacing the helmet heavy shield its’ self.

Powercap Active IP Spare Rechargeable Battery Pack

Powercap Active IP PAPR Replacement Cap

Perfect Replacement.

I was gifted a used PoweCap Active IP and the visor was showing some wear. It needed new filters so I ordered a new visor and the peel off strips as well. They arrived promptly. Swapping out the visor was super easy and it's crystal clear. Will definitely order from Peke Safety again.

Power cap filter

This is my second time ordering filters the filters work great didn’t take very long to come in will be ordering more

very comfortable and easy to maintain!

Fit is very comfortable and not heavy on the head. I have had a Trend for 2 years and was happy with it but it was a little top heavy. I ordered and it said there would be a delay in shipping but I received the PowerCap in a week. I also ordered a spare face shield and also received it in less than a week. Filters easy to clean with a vacuum.

JSP Powercap.

As advertised.. very comfortable..a little pricey but you need to care for your lungs. I wear glasses and they don't fog under the mask.

Powercap Active IP Particulate Filters

A lifesaver!

I have COPD and without my Powercap, I could not continue woodworking. Thank you PekeSafety!

Excellent helmet excellent service

Best woodturning helmet I have owned. It does the job beautifully with no weight notice.

Peel off review

The peel off visor protectors came along with my power cap. They are easy to place on the visor with just one small sticker to remove on each side. Sets well over the visor and is easy to see through. With a light wipe it’s clean and a quick air from a can it’ll blow out any dust as well that may get trapped in between. Can see very well through the visor with the protector on.

Worth It!

So glad I purchased this respirator. I'm a full time furniture maker, and I've developed an allergy to some woods.
My other full face respirator was good, but after hours of wearing it, I felt short on oxygen.
I can wear this one for hours, and feel great after. It is also much lighter than my previous respirator.

I would highly recommend purchasing this respirator. It works well with my beard also.

Shipping Delays

I was soooo excited to finally make the leap and purchase the PowerCap on January 18. February 11 I received notice it had shipped, with a tracking number. Yea, it should be here soon!! Then, February 17 I received notice that due to shipping delays and customs issues, the product was held up, but it would ship out within 7 days of Peke receiving the item. Now, over a week later I get this request for a survey saying they fulfilled my order 14 days ago (I WISH) and they want me to complete a product review. I'll be happy to give a better review (I hope) when my PowerCap actually arrives.


Good product that meets my need for fresh filtered art when wood turning and sanding. Face shield gives added protection when turning.

Powercap Active IP Peel-Off Visor Protectors

Perfect - love it!

This thing works great! Super light weight and easy to put on/take off. It's obviously very well made as well. I should have ordered this a year ago when I first started woodturning.

So much better

I have a long beard so I needed a solution for airborne dust in my workshop that didn't involve shaving. I tried a competitor's product, but found it to be far too heavy and cumbersome. The Powercap is much lighter and more comfortable. It did require some adjustment of the side baffles to make it airtight, and its a bit warmer overall, but this is a small price to pay for superior comfort and good air filtration.

I have asthma and when using the Powercap I have no issues!

Love that Powercap!

The Powercap Active IP Respirator was a gift for my wife. She is turning pens out of polymer clay and tropical hardwoods. I had seen the Powercap used by Emma Cook, The Tiny Turner. It looked comfortable and seemed to provide protection from inhaling potentially toxic particles and dust. My wife loves it! It provides excellent clear wide-range vision, full face coverage, and great air circulation. The added convenience of a rechargeable pack is just the icing on the cake. Thanks Peke for carrying such an excellent product.

Great filters, delivered quickly!

Excellent Product

This is an excellent product, I have used it when sanding and it was perfect. The only issue I have is I can't wear my ear muffs when wearing the helmet. It would have been nice if you could incorporate / built-in ear muffs into the helmet.
Thank you

Ended up paying shipping when I was told I met The $495 amount

Powercap is excellent. Fits well, not too heavy and filters dust very well which was my biggest concern