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Based on 43 reviews

Made a huge difference in comfort and protection while chainsaw carving! No dust to breathe or chips in the face!

Power cap active replacement motor fan

It was really easy to replace. And shipped really fast got it within a few days

Great service to replace a piece on my Power Cap

Although I did not ask for a replacement, one was offered free of charge or shipping. You folks know how to keep your customers. Thank you

Excellent product!

I am very pleased with the Powercap. It is far more comfortable than a half mask respirator. None of the breathing resistance of a mask. Glasses don't fog. The unit is very light and easy to put on an remove. Great to have eye and respiratory protection in one unit. Worth every penny. I wish I had bought one years ago.

Powercap Active Particulate PAPR Face Seal Replacement

Great Hat. Super Comfy

Best hat I've ever owned.

An amazing product, but it definitely needs some improvements.

I've been using the powercap for a while now; and it's an absolute necessity. I chainsaw carve and the dust gets everywhere! This mask is saving my lungs.There are a few things I've noticed that are concerning when it comes to quality. First, when the powercap arrived in the mail, the helmets foam insert had come undone from the cap; I simply used spray addehesive to put it back on. Second, the fabric of the powercap liner that rests against the user's face comes apart. It's a three layered piece of material with a soft velcro compatible exterior and a foam interior, this piece needs improving.

Power Cap is great for active service work.

I first purchased a Power Cap for an employee with a full beard. After seeing it I ordered one for myself. My lungs are thankful for the powered fresh air. An extra bonus is the protection it offers my head.

Great for multiple uses

I bought one to try in my woodworking shop to protect from dust and also as a face shield for turning wood on the lathe. The PowerCap works great! Battery life allows it to run all day, its light enough that I forget I have it on until I try to blow the dust off a workpiece with my mouth, ha ha. The active air flow actually keeps my face cool, prevents fogging, and the view through the shield is so much better than wearing safety glasses. Now I use it for everything from shop work to cutting grass; no more sneezing and sinus trouble. I ended up buying 3 more for my maintenance staff at our 254 unit apartment complex. They were hesitant at first but after first use they love them. I highly recommend the PowerCap Active for superior protection in any dusty environment.

Thanks for the great review Stan, and we are glad you love the product. Please let us know if we can provide any support in the future.

Great Comfort and protection

Thanks for the quick response. Will send a picture tomorrow. I have been using a Trend helmet for several years and been satisfied with it. The Peke helmet is lighter, better balanced and more comfortable. I have already recommended it to two other turners

Thank you for the review Jay. We look forward to supporting you in your hobby for years to come.

Menopause Helper

My husband purchased this for me as I have been suffering terribly with hot flashes and irregular body temperature due to menopause. Even doing household chores has been a nightmare, especially during the summer.

I notice a significant improvement when wearing this vest to where I do not feel hot what so ever and feel like I can stay comfortable all day long. It also looks good with my athletic clothing which is nice!

Thanks Peke Safety for helping us women through an inevitable time!

Arizona Construction Worker

I have had this vest for several months now but I just started putting it to use. It is amazing to me how well it works! I work in residential construction in the Phoenix area and last week we had 5 days get over 115 degrees. I wore the vest all week and it did great, but I forgot it on Friday and wow, it made a huge difference! My truck that I work out of part of the day doesn't have AC and the vest is the only thing that makes it bearable! I highly recommend the Hydracool Pro, I plan to get a sport version for my woodworking in the garage (I want to keep the pro version looking nice for my construction Job.

Peek safety vest

Love my cooling vest! I live in Florida and I am a walker: spring, summer and fall it is easily 90+ degrees and 80+ humidity. It makes all the difference in the world in how comfortable (and possible) it makes my activity, keeps my body temp down, helps me maintain my pace. Just put in the refrigerator overnight and is ready to go the next day. A truly great invention!

Thank you for your review! We appreciate you taking the time to help others out by leaving your real-world feedback for them to reference.

Hiking in Arizona

Followed instructions for prepping this sport vest and took it on a test hike in the Sonoran Desert on a 99 degree day in full sun. After 20 minutes, I needed to pour cool water onto myself and had to turn back. As a person with Chronic Lyme and heat sensitivity, this vest was not as helpful as I had hoped. However, I was overheating later while cooking at my stove and took the cooling vest back off its hanger to find that it was immensely cool and sooooo helpful to finish the kitchen work!
PROs: Lightweight stylish cooling vest. Clothing stayed dry. Still cooling 24 hours later on a hanger. Useful for persons with heat-sensitivity. Fast relief for hot flashes, or just working around home to stay comfortable in summer, in or outdoors.
CONS: White in a desert seems logical but I was constantly worrying about it getting dirty on me or in the car. Cannot be used with a backpack as it will not function properly if covered.
PRODUCT DESIGN SUGGESTIONS: Neutrally patterned or nature-colored fabric (hides dirt stains), Extended cooling bead area down to bottom of ribcage for more effective core cooling.

Great for everything

I've been using the Filterspec pro since spring of 2019. I originally received it to use for my wood turning. But quickly found myself using it for almost everything from sanding wood, painting, heavy rust and paint removal, metal grinding, and general dusty yard work. I am always amazed after a long hard work session how filthy the filter is. But yet I didn't realize how bad it was to work because it was easy to breathe during all of it. Also with wearing glasses with these the seal conforms to the arms easily. Great product overall!
- Techedfireman on IG

Thank you for the review and we are glad you're enjoying the product across your projects. Keeping yourself from organic airborne particulates while working is critical to maintaining long-term respiratory health! A quick note for those reading on painting applications, specifically those that may create inorganic vapors (spray paints for example). The Filterspec Pro P2V is not appropriate for those applications.

Perfect for woodworking

I bought this with the intention of using it for woodturning as the dust can get quite harmful. Now I'm using it all the time in the shop even when dust levels are okay. Since the shield is good i don't have to wear safety glasses and I see everything better.

This helmet stays on your head well even when bending over or moving your head fast. Its build solid and after the first hour you can't even tell you're wearing it. Light weight and I like the added head protection(bump cap). Feels comfortable and its a dust free environment!

Thank you Justin. We appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback for the benefit of our other customers.

I forgot i was wearing it

GREAT product! I used it last weekend for the first time - for about 5 hours straight. I forgot i was wearing it!
no fogging. did not obstruct my view at all. excellent seal and fit well while wearing glasses. completely eliminated dust. wish i discovered this product years ago.
I highly recommend!

Thank you Tom! We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with others considering the product. Please reach out to us directly if you have any questions or need any support.

Effective respirator

I’ve bought two of these so far and will continue to for my shop. Fits well to my face and the filters change out easily. Much easier to breathe. Thanks peke!

Thanks for the positive review Danny and we're glad you like the Filterspec. We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Love the Powercap!

I've had the Powercap a few months now, and this thing works great! I'm a chainsaw carver, and the Powercap is a game-changer! I get so much more fresh air with it than with my previous respirator, and it protects me better from flying woodchips. Worth every penny!
There could be more padding in the top of the helmet tho.

Thanks Mike! We appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback and look forward to supporting your work in the months and years to come.

Better than the 3M

Purchased this mask for my husband along with the Filterspec Pro for myself. The Press to Check filter is fantastic and this mask is far more comfortable than the 3M (according to my husband). He wears it to work daily in the factory and says he feels fully protected. Thanks Peke Safety!

Thank you for the review! We are pleased that you have found the press-to-check useful for your application and that the mask is comfortable. The best mask is the one you'll actually be happy wearing, as they say. Please let us know if we can be of any further help in future.

Great for woodworking and COVID-19

Received the mask in a very timely manner! Great fit, the goggles are detachable which Is very convenient and the mask fits comfortably to the face when I am woodturning. I have also been wearing it to the grocery store etc (sans goggles) during this pandemic. Good buy!

We're glad you're finding a multitude of uses for your FilterSpec Pro and thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of any further help in future.

Poultry Farmer

This mask is a lifesaver when working poultry houses. Light weight and comfortable. Having the ability to keep my eyes open and breathe freely while in an extremely dusty environment has made my job much more enjoyable.

Thank you Tyler. Always appreciate feedback from someone using the Powercap for a new application and we're glad it is working so well for you.

I was wrong! These are Great!

I am writing a follow up to my previous review. I was wrong and these masks HAVE been approved by the CDC to prevent covid-19! These masks are great, and the company is top notch!

Thanks for following up Kate. We appreciate you taking the time. These were complicated approvals to keep straight to understand BEFORE a global pandemic and CDC/FDA/NIOSH guidelines started changing on an almost daily basis, so we are always happy to help clarify things whenever we can.

Great Product

I have had another manufacturers face shield/respirator for a long time which I wore while turning & sanding on my lathe. In addition to protection from sanding dust in general I am allergic to dust from certain types of exotic dust so having a good respirator to keep dust out of my lungs and yes is important to me. The unit I have had worked well but was heavy and awkward to to put it on my head, especially since I wear glasses. Also, because of the discomfort from its weight I found myself removing it after about an hour of use and simply use a face mask. The Powercap active does away with the these issues. It is much lighter, slips easily onto my head even when wearing glasses and seals quite well. The battery life is also much longer than my older model. And most importantly it works extremely well. I highly recommend the PowerCap.