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It’s just what I wanted

Arrived yesterday

I charged the battery overnight; put it on this morning and tried it on. I could easily live in this thing for hours.

Power cap

I couldn’t be happier. It took awhile til I purchased this mostly because of the investment and I was fearful of it being too heavy and cause neck pain and fatigue etc. most of the equipment out there is suited more for men so this is truly amazing! The cool circulating air, room for glasses and the light weight make this perfect.

The Powercap active IP PAPR is outstanding!

I’ve been holding off getting good PPE for wood turning, power carving, chain sawing and general woodworking, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I had been using a face respirator and faces shield that was “OK” but I definitely outgrew it. I saw someone using the Powercap at a wood turning show and looked it up as soon as I left , then bought it as soon as I got home!
I’ve now had it for 2 weeks, using it every day. The face shield doesn’t fog up and stays so much cleaner than the old shield I had.
HIGHLY recommended!!

Powercap Active IP Replacement Motor Fan

Just used it today, first time. Getting use to it, I think going too like it a lot.


Cap fits comfortable. Not too heavy and always have fresh air.


I have a feeling that this will allow me to work much better and longer

Grudging Respect!

First impressions - this should cost about $200 - definitely not the quality of a versaflo - and yet priced relative to that point. The blower is not balanced and the hum can be deafing and the filter mounts seem like they are about as structurally sound as a potatoe chip - but all that said it works - and it works pretty well!

FYI - Wearing over the ear hearing protection with this unit can be a challenge.

Getting too old.

Ben turning over 60 years. Wished I had one of these powercap actives years ago.
Every wood turner should have one of these
The best! Louie.

Worth the money

I had been stressing for a while about how much dust I was breathing in my shop, a lot of it while using a wood lathe. Along with being a woodworker, I am an endurance athlete so value my lungs greatly. Even though this item is pricey, I figured- how much are your lungs worth? Then, pulled the trigger. I have only used it a few times now but here are my thoughts- Pros- it's lightweight, relatively easy to put on and take off, moves a lot of air and the cartridges seem to be easy to clean and/or replace. Cons- minor stuff but it does not flip up easily like a conventional face shield which makes it difficult to adjust your glasses, scratch your nose or take care of my never ending drippy nose. I am in central Florida and it is cool here now but I am hoping that with the high volume of air it moves that it will (hopefully) be relatively cool even in the middle of summer. I neglected to pay the extra $150 or so for the package including extra filters, battery and face shield scratch protectors but so far the battery it came with seems to last a long time, hoping to get away without buying a second one.

New Woodturning Customer

My order was received on time. I have only used it a short time. I found the instructions to be very hard to read due to the tiny print size. Eventually used a magnifying glass. The instructions regarding how to remove the visor so you can insert the air flow indicator were hard to interpret but I eventually got it figured out. Called customer service for some questions and they were vd=ery helpful.

Wood Turning

Love the PC… light, quiet, comfortable, can wear it all day. I was surprised to find that instead of being hot wearing it, the air coming into the mask keeps my glasses clear and face cool.


Works great! I should have bought one years ago! Light weight and very quiet!!👍👍

Christmas Gift for my Son "The Woodworker"

He was thrilled. Although, he didn't receive it until after Christmas day.

Love the Powercap

I live in Florida and do a lot of woodworking, usually without a ventilator. They are bulky, hot, and interfere with my glasses, but not the Powercap. To be honest there is still some bulk, but it isn't on my face, blocking my view. The fan keeps air moving so it is much more comfortable in warm weather and my glasses easilyfit inside the mask. I wore it the other day when I was cutting drywall and was completely unaffected by the dust. The images in the users manual aren't great, but putting it all together is fairly intuitive. I've only used the mask once for about 15 minutes and I purchased an extra battery (I ALWAYS purchase extra batteries) so I won't be caught without power. I was surprised at the storage case the mask came in and I'm thankful to have it. My only gripe so far is the batteries don't have USB-C ports.

Powercap Active IP

The cap is GREAT! Very comfortable and good visibility. Ordered the bundle a month ago. Peke had no problem charging my card immediately and WAY before the item was even shipped. I would give Peke a one star for this. They should have waited until the item was shipped before charging my card. Not good business practice. Product itself is fabulous and I highly recommend.

Excellent product!

I’ve been needing a unit such as this for my woodturning. I’ve searched and searched and all I saw were similar products for much more money. I’m so glad that I came across this product. I was surprised to see free shipping - made it even better! The fast shipping let me put this together quickly and try it out. Fits very comfortably and works perfect! The lowest power setting pushes plenty of air across my face. I’m looking forward to spending a full day at the lathe wearing this with no worries about the shavings and dust in my face! Thank you!


There slow on deliverys. Price is adaquate but when you need something by next week but it somewhere else

The parts fit perfectly. Great support team from Peke Safety.

Power Cap

The face shield is very light weight and I’m enjoying the cool breeze across my face. It’s nice not to be worrying about inhaling dust. It comes with a nice container which I store it in when not using. I wear glasses and can use ear muffs when needed without removing or adjusting the face shield. Great product!!

CA3 Protective Face Shield
Mike Moult
ca3 protective face shield

UPS delivery sucks for Canada, $80 brokerage fees! US POSTAL doesn’t charge that

The Best!

I have had my Powercap since before the pandemic. I love it. It fits perfectly where the competition was too large and heavy. I am a woodturner with Asthma, so this is a must. I am incredibly happy with this product. I don't know anyone who doesn't love it. I don't think I could turn without it.