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Powercap Active IP PAPR Bundle

Haven't used it that much but love it!! Several members of Prescott Area Woodturners have purchased the same package. I do have a problem with the entire Powercap moving forward. Can't seem to adjust it properly yet.

Powercap Active IP Respirator
Daniel Vallecoccia
Worth every penny

This respirator is everything I'd hoped it would be. Its much lighter than expected, and comfortable to wear all day. Works well with glasses and a beard. Also, my ISO tunes link over the ear headphones, fit comfortably. I would highly recommend!

Great tool for woodturning

Well balanced and does not create a stiff neck

Filter all the saw dust

Face Saver

I’m replacing my visor after an incident while turning a 14” platter on my lathe. In processing the platter about a third broke off and slammed into the visor of my Powercap. At 1250 rpm the perimeter of the platter is traveling fasssssst. The visor took the strike and deflected the broken portion of the platter. There’s no breakage but the visor is severely scratched and now difficult to see clearly. I attribute the Powercap to saving my face from damage. BC North Alabama Woodturners.

Fine service

Great service, fast

A necessity for lawn care

I have horrible allergies. I mean, I am miserable for 2-5 days after cutting the lawn. With this mask/goggle combo, I actually enjoy cutting the grass without feeling the least bit bad afterwards. It would be great if they made a slightly tinted goggle option.

IP Powercap

First time ordering anything from peke safety, that said I am very happy with speed of processing/shipping of my new order of IP powercap.
After receiving the IP Powercap We assembled it for a test and the tested unit is very impressive. Looking forward to first on job attic/ crawlspace experience to fully see the benefits...this will happen in 2-weeks.
Thank you peke safety.


Very well made, working great 👍

I love my CleanAir Pro PAPR System

And I love the ease of changing filters, and seeing what did not get into my lungs.


I’m a woodworker, sanding down through eight different grits. I have a dust collector and I wear a dust mask, but I always breathe in some fine sawdust and end up coughing for hours. I need my mobility, so can’t be tethered by hoses and cords. I have looked for a few years, and finally found your respirator online. It was shipped right away and it is exactly what I have needed. I have my mobility, great field of vision even wearing my glasses, and I’m breathing clean air to boot! Couldn’t ask for anything more.

Powercap Active IP Respirator
Clarence Washington
powercap active IP

great job

Powercap Active IP PAPR Bundle

Fit great

Took 5 minutes to install.

thank you

very satisfied with your service. and how promptly your shipping was i have not used them yet
but so far i’m happy working with you

Should have done this earlier

I can not believe how quickly the Powercap has become a natural part of my woodworking. Love the fact that my lungs are protected, my eyes and head as well. Accidentally walked into a low hanging 1X4 yesterday. This would normally have required a bandage but that was saved by the Powercap. Everything about the cap is quality. Would highly recommend

Needed New Pre filter

Arrived on time. Packed well and is in use already

Replacement parts

You have a good product because it is comfortable and if it's not comfortable you tend to not use it as you should. But I do think it's a little pricey for the product.
But I guess my lungs are worth it.

Excellent product. Works well, comfortable and quiet.

New Battery

Order a new battery and it came In quickly without problems

Wish I’d purchased years ago

A truly great respirator. Comfortable, lightweight, and the battery lasts for days.


Love it! The face shield and filters work great. Helmet fits well and seals well. It’s great not to have to wear a dust mask and a face shield. I’m happy with my purchase. Protector sheet fits well.

This product is everything I thought it would be. It is light weight, comfortable. The motor runs quite. Very pleased with my experience with peke safety.

Powercap Active IP Replacement Motor

Very fast service. New motor works great. Easy to replace.

This product is great

I am loving my cooling vest. I have a mess and after a shower I have loads of trouble with my symptoms but this vest seems to help keep them at bay. I highly recommend it