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Comfort and Performance!

After researching the most common/popular PAPR systems I decided on the Peke Safety HEPA Filter for CleanAir HEPA PAPR System (CA3) and I'm glad I did! Other products (Trend / PowerCap) can be somewhat heavy on the head (I have neck issues when turning) but the CA3 is very light and comfortable even during long hours of turning. It has five levels of airflow, battery and filter monitors, HEPA filtration that is superior to other products, and multiple fit adjustments to customize it to fit your unique needs. Also, great customer support. You can't go wrong with this system!

Great product

I pulled it out of the packaging, soaked it and started using it. It works very well in the West Texas heat.

Enjoying my Powercap

I've been using a competing face/dust shield for about 5 years. It was showing its age in a number of areas. So at the recent SWAT woodturners symposium, I was able to see the Powercap. It is remarkable for weighing so much less than my previous shield, and the visibility is better also. I wore my old faceshield when turning and especially when sanding. I find I'm wearing the Powercap for more shop activities like working with the table saw, planer and drum sander. It's so light, I just leave it on.

The peel off visor protector was easy to install, and will protect the face shield well.

If you wear glasses, put it on chin first, then pull it over your head. This should be in the product directions. My only gripe is the air velocity is a little lower than my old shield. It would be nice if it moved air a little faster.

I had looked at the Powercap specifications a few times but I was deterred by the listed product weight. The specifications I found listed the weight as being greater than my old face shield. I learned at SWAT that the specifications list the shipping weight and not the weight of the helmet. You'll probably increase sales if this is corrected.


The Powercap is amazing and not a bulky cap that’s very comfortable. I highly recommend!

powercap active ip papr bundle

Very comfortable especially like the cool air flowing inside. Couldn’t believe how much dust was in the filter after turning the inside of one bowl. Would have liked information
in the instructions about running the battery flat, then charging for 16 hours. Found that out with a phone call. Enjoyed talking with the individual who took my call. Like talking to a friend, not someone in customer service. All my questions answered. Very satisfied customer.

Personalized Service

I contacted PS about an issue that was immediately resolved. After that initial contact, I received another email suggesting I take an additional step to ensure the continued effectiveness of my mask. My records had shown I hadn't done it previously so this felt like a very personalized service. Thank you for looking out for me!

Keeps ya cool but design is more for men

I love this cooling vest and it worked for about 4 hours in 85 degree temperature. My complaint is that it is stretchy in the stomach area (where most men carry weight). I normally wear a men's XL or women's 2X shirt because of my bust. I purchased the 3X size (I'd gotten the XL but couldn't even zip it over my bust). It is still tight in the bust and as I work, the front of it moves up until the stretchy part is over my bust so the cooling get is not on my front, it's puckered up. They need to design one that is larger in the bust area or stretchy there so that it works for us larger sized women. PS: before wondering why I am not wearing a bra. I'm a woodturner and shavings get caught where they shouldn't.

LOVE this vest!

I got this vest to workout in & to wear working in my shop. It is a lifesaver & really keeps you cool! I’ve been telling everyone I know about it. The ONLY drawback is it really doesn’t last 3 days but that’s ok. Just rehydrate & wear! It’s perfect for my usage.

face seal replacement

I put an extra number for my address and item could not be delivered. Company worked with me to correct my address and shipped item to my home.

Live the respirator

This respirator is well worth the money. I absolutely love it!!


The mask fits great, positive air flow works very well, but...
I have worked in the manufacturing industry for over 30 years as a supervisor, so I know about fit test on full face masks. with that being said I know I did not just have the filters installed improperly causing leakage, but when I was working on cutting hard board I could lightly smell the wood saw dust, it did block out the vast majority of the saw dust, but I should not be able to smell the saw dust. I know the mask is not rated for chemical fumes, so maybe I need to buy a higher grade filter.


clean breathing in the mist of the wood dust storm.

Not only can I wear the power cap while turning or sanding wood, but also when I use my air compressor zozzle to air hose the shop clean. yahoo!

Great filters

These filters, used on my Peke headset are fantastic. I'm a wood turner so lots of sawdust winds up in the air. These filters keep it from my lungs. I blow the dust out of these and the pre filters after each use with compressed air. They last a long time so they are worth it.

Great value

Replacement for my old one this is great they are fast and great price....

Breath of fresh air

Bit the bullet and bought the Peke Power Cap at the AAW Woodturner Symposium in Louisville Kentucky USA. Boy am I glad I did. Was a little worried about having the weight fatiguing my neck but it is so well balanced I hardly notice it. It’s like having a personal air conditioner on your face as it not only filters the fine particles it keeps you cool too. Thank you Peke.

Fresh air

I really like the fit and visibility of the the respirator. But the battery back giving you that constant air flow is awesome. Really nice for saw cutting concrete. Would recommend to anybody with a big beard.

Super service.

Great product and service. Issue resolved at no cost promptly. Thanks.

Power Cap

Every time I looked at the filters I realized how much has not gotten into my lungs and I am grateful. I wish it was a little quieter..

Easy to repair!

I’ve had my Peke powercap for about 3 years. After daily use it was finally time to replace the motor. Instructions were easy to follow and components are well made. Thanks for keeping me safe!!!

Powercap Active IP

EXCELLENT product. I used the Powercap Active IP for the first time. I used it when I momed 20 acres on my John Deere zero turn mower. I have a canopy on the mower but mowed in the upper 80 degree weather conditions. The air keep me cool and the shield keep bugs and dust off my face. I wish I would have discovered this a few years ago.


I’ll be honest.. I have been using it for almost everything I’m doing in my shop. It’s refreshing I am not congested afterwards, even though I used respirators prior to this product.
The motor is not loud whatsoever. Super light and almost feels natural to the head.
I Will possibly be getting another one in the near future.
One thing I am not pleased about is my battery pack isn’t holding charge for very long.
Aside of that no complaints

Best yet

This breathing apparatus is the best. Lightweight and perfect fir long hours of work. Easy on and off and I can keep my headphones on. Thank you !!!

Great mask & goggles

Love it

New mask

I had my powercap for 6 years of constant use and just replaced the visor. It's like new again!


Good service and great people. Very good products. I will buy from them again