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completely satisfied

The Powercap works great for yard work. It is way more comfortable then the half mask I have been wearing plus it protects my eyes. I have asthma and severe pollen allergies that affect my eyes, nose, and lungs. The Powercap really reduces my symptoms.

Second try did the trick.

The first set I received only had 7 protectors and none of them had the adhesive strips on them. The replacement order contained 10 correctly manufactured items and worked as expected.

The pre-filters make all the difference!

I've been using pre-filters with my power cap respirator for over two years - and they really make a difference in how long the main filters last. The pre-filters seem to catch 50 -90 of the dust before it would hit the main filters. Its super easy to replace the pre-filters. I highly recommend using the pre-filters.

Peek hood

Many of our club members own the Pete hoods and I agree with them that this hood is as good as it gets

Great product

It is a game changer. I never realized how much dust I was taking in when turning and sanding. It is light, comfortable and moves a continuing flow of cool filtered air. The rechargeable seems to last a long time. It is also easy on and off

Powercap Active IP Face Seal Replacement

Powercap has increased my peace of mind in the wood shop

It is as advertised with cool flow of air that has been filtered. No fogging face shield. It is comfortable. I have worn it for a 3 hour stretch so far with several shorter times. No soreness or discomfort. The motor is not loud. No more nose dust devils or worry about fine dust particles going down my airways and into my lungs.

Lung saver

Comfortable (as a mask can get), easy to use, cool with fan, easy to monitor


I started using it because I developed bronchitis after using regular face masks for sanding. I put it on and I LOVE IT!! It filters the air and keeps your face cool. I finally beat this problem!!

Worth the wait

It took about five weeks to get my power cap, but it was worth the wait. All in one easy to use package. Very well built and fits great.

Good product

I have a big head and it’s not as adjustable as I thought it would be. The foam flap that surrounds your face is hard to situate so the velcro isn’t scratching your head. Other than that, it’s a good product. I worry about durability with the adhesive that's stuck to the shield. I wish the quality was a bit higher.

Good but a bit pricey

You no doubt have a good product it's comfortable and I tend to ware it more often but it is pricey and accessories like batteries and filters are expensive for us hobby woodturners.

Customer Service

Shandra went above and beyond to fix our issues and get this out to us! Thank you!

Good plant based earplugs

They work like they’re supposed to.

Power cap Active IP

I was tentative buying this given the price but decided my lungs and eyes were worth it. I was pleasantly surprised that it was as quite as it it, and ears muffs fit over it just fine. Lastly, it fits my 7-3/4” head comfortably, whereas many hats and the like are too small. I also bought extra face shield replacement covers and filtration canisters. Very pleased with the item after one use; hope it lasts many years.

Great Products and Fast Service.

Use these products in my woodworking shop. Replacement parts came quickly. Great place to shop.

Great Unit at a Great Price!

I had my doubts about using a PAPR for woodturning but was most pleasantly surprised by the quality and comfort of this unit. It makes the most rough dust flying everywhere lathe job a breeze!

Professional Wood Turner Comments

16 years turning thousands of bowls and truncheons on Powermatic 36/20 using full face 3M-6900 mask.
My beard/respirator combo was allowing too much dust into my lungs plus the condensation was causing mold/mildew. 2017 that effect nearly destroyed my lungs. Two years not turning and then the past 4 years turning again and the health issues returned. I was near despair when my searching turned up this English respirator carried by PekeSafety. It is so light and airy and the field of view so large its taken a while to realize I'm wearing a respirator. My only question is sound protection. My current ear muff protection picks up and so amplifies the vibration of the fan motor I currently only use ear plugs but am looking for good sound cancelling ear buds.
In summary the Power Cap seems to almost not be there which causes me to question if it is really filtering which it certainly seems to be doing. So thank you guys. Woodturning is my life and I was fearful I'd have to give it up till now. God bless and take care
Ned R. Carencro, LA


What an incredible product. I wear glasses and at time sport a beard. I can wear the headgear for 3 hours of turning and not have ANY dust on my glasses. You’ve probably added years to my respiratory system.

You can’t put a price tag on your health…go get one!

Newly designed battery for my older unit, came and worked perfectly!

Love this Peak Safety Helmut. Exactly what every woodworker/carver should own. Especially if concerned w/ your health or already have mild COPD or similar condition, but are not ready to give up doing what you love!

Works well

I really like this dust mask, however it is challenging is you want to wear glasses and hearing cuffs.

JSP Powercap bundle

Folks at Peke super helpful

Definitely impressive but could be refined.

The vests definitely stay cool, and for an impressive amount of time too! (Ive heard up to a week!) They look pretty decent and don't make you stand out too much while wearing them which is definitely something I appreciate. I feel the sizing for the large definitely runs much larger on the "adjustable" vests which are a bit more expensive by comparison. Because of this, the two vests I got don't seem to fit to my body as closely as I'd hoped (having not been able to try one on) which really limits the amount of cooling contact to my body. I plan on altering the elastic by sewing it a bit tighter to reduce the amount of material depth wise. Additionally my last qualm was that, the black vests do seem to leech out a bit of the dye onto clothing over time, especially when freshly hydrated, and can leave contacted surfaces feeling a bit ...soapy, perhaps? I'd simply warn against wearing anything under the dyed vests you don't plan on getting marked up into a checkered pattern. As far as I understand these vests seem a bit difficult to run clean of loose dye before use due to their absorbancy and nature of use outside of considerable soaking over time. Great product, just would have liked to see a bit more forewarning of fitting and leeching concerns, but admittedly I bought in person at a trade show. User experience may vary. Would recommend for sure as far as their designated purpose. I even gifted one to my father who the large fit much better due to his huskier and larger bellied stature (about 5'8" 180-190lbs). Thin, flat bellied guys should likely go for a medium to account for a more tight fit. However, Im a little unsure yet of how the gel pads hold up to hard labor. They seem a little delicate and I'm wary of bursting them under weight like a heavy board or crawling under a house.

My new respirator

Sanding epoxy was a pain with the dust. Now it’s a lot safer and using the power cap IP has made a big difference. Glad I got one. Thanks

Good product. Would be even better if it included ear protection.