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Replacement parts

You have a good product because it is comfortable and if it's not comfortable you tend to not use it as you should. But I do think it's a little pricey for the product.
But I guess my lungs are worth it.

Excellent product. Works well, comfortable and quiet.

New Battery

Order a new battery and it came In quickly without problems

Wish I’d purchased years ago

A truly great respirator. Comfortable, lightweight, and the battery lasts for days.


Love it! The face shield and filters work great. Helmet fits well and seals well. It’s great not to have to wear a dust mask and a face shield. I’m happy with my purchase. Protector sheet fits well.

This product is everything I thought it would be. It is light weight, comfortable. The motor runs quite. Very pleased with my experience with peke safety.

Powercap Active IP Replacement Motor

Very fast service. New motor works great. Easy to replace.

This product is great

I am loving my cooling vest. I have a mess and after a shower I have loads of trouble with my symptoms but this vest seems to help keep them at bay. I highly recommend it

comfortable and good fit

The unique design was clumsy to put on at first, but after a couple masks you master it. I found the design to be more adaptable to different head/face shapes than many of the other more traditional design. Most comfortable mask I've tried so far. I would higly recommend giving these masks a try.

Replacement parts order.

The service from Peke Safety will keep me as a permanent customer! They were very helpful in making a significant change in my order and refunding the difference immediately. Shipping was less than 24 hours later, and the equipment arrived in a few days.
Exactly as ordered and working well.

Great value

My pekesafety replacement cap is awesome. Wow what a difference I use my helmet everyday and it is like bran new. Thank Shanna for your help!

Covers for face-shield

Perfect fit. Could use adhesive on top and bottom. Otherwise perfect fit. Would have been nice to have one or two included with a new unit.

Pro half mask respirator

This works awesome for lawn mowing in really dry dusty conditions

Very Pleased

I haven't had a lot of time to use my power cap yet, but so far have been very pleased! It's much more comfortable than expected, simple to use, the shield doesn't fog up and it's not hot. I haven't run down the charge that the battery already had, so I can't speak to how the charger works.

Got what I ordered in a reasonable time. Well done. I'm sure I will order again. Thank you

Awesome air

My clean-air system is so lightweight that I forget that I’m wearing it. No longer do I have to worry about breathing in sawdust. I don’t know how I ever got along without it.

Absolutely perfect!

After years of working with wood professionally, I've developed an asthmatic reaction to the dust. I've tried just about everything, but most masks limit the time I can spend due to the heat build-up. I tried what seems to be the Powercap's main competitor but found too many problems for it to be used regularly. I decided to give the Powercap a try and I absolutely love it. It's extremely light and comfortable. Instead of fitting your head with plastic bands, it fits more like a baseball cap with an elastic band in the back.

Great for outdoor tennis

I no longer feel overheated while playing outdoor tennis in Florida. It keeps me cool for hours.

Clearly the Best!

I have used this everyday while turning and sanding....I work in my garage and have a huge fan blowing..but still hot! some days. With this powercap, I have cool/ambient air blowing in front of my face and I can work all day! Its light weight and I cannot feel it on my head nor gives me neck strain. I can see ear to ear wise, plenty of clarity. I am ecstatic with its ability,

Filterspec Pro Half Mask Respirator

Love this respirator for when my Power Cap is too much. It goes over my glasses without any interference!

AAW Symposium

It was great to meet you at the AAW Symposium. I did purchase the Powercap Face Seal replacement. I am glad to have it on hand when I need it. I think the Powercap is an excellent product.


Having a beard and wearing glasses presents challenges when using a respirator and face shield. Those challenges have been overcome with my new Powercap. At about half the cost of other PAPR face shields it’s light, comfortable and effective. I see better and breathe easily while turning on the lathe and sanding the studio. It’s a great product and I wish I would have bought it years ago.

Quick ship, easy replacement

Thanks for the quick shipment - it was a simple swap to replace the original fan unit, which threw a blade. Seems like they'd choose a sturdier fan, but it did hold up for two years of intermittent use.

No more dust in my eyes.

After years of woodworking using various sorts of masks, filters, and shields I purchased the CleanAir system. What an amazing difference! No more dust in my eyes, no irritation or sneezing. The positive pressure keeps me isolated from potentially harmful substances and never fogs up. I have already recommended it to several members of my woodturning club..Thanks!

Fantastic product

I work in a confined space and the power cap has proved invaluable in making it more comfortable and safe. My glasses no longer fog up and breathing is so much easier.