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The Trend Respirator Vs The Powercap Active: Which Respirator Is Better?

The Trend Respirator Vs The Powercap Active: Which Respirator Is Better?
When it comes to powered head mounted respirators, there are two on the market that are the most popular: The Trend Air Circulating Airshield Pro, a respirator that has been around for over 15 years, and The Powercap Active IP PAPR, the lightest head mounted respirator in the world.

But what is the difference between these two and which one is the better buy?

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The Powercap Active vs The Powercap Bundle

The Powercap Active vs The Powercap Bundle


A lot of our customers reach out wondering what the difference is between the Powercap Active Bundle and the Powercap Active purchased individually.

The bundle is a unique combination of the Powercap and accessories, designed to be a quick shop for those needing the most comprehensive level of Powercap protection.

The pre filters for the Powercap Active provide an extra layer of protection on the P2 filters, not only to extend the life of the P2 filter marginally, but to also help filter out any additional particulates (think of it as an extra filter layer).

The visor peel off protectors provide the same level of protection as a cell phone protector screen would; ensuring that your Powercap Active visor stays scratch free.

The extra set of P2 filters ensures that you are able to stay working safely for an additional 1 – 3 months before having to replace your filters again.

Who is the Powercap Active bundle for?

We recommend the Powercap Active bundle for those working in heavier particulate environments on a reoccurring basis, such as woodworkers, chimney sweeps, chainsaw carvers, animal handlers, vets, etc.

If you are wearing the Powercap Active for light protection during the pandemic/COVID-19, to travel or in industries like hairdressing/movie production ; we recommend purchasing The Powercap Active along with a pack of visor peel off protectors to ensure your visor stays scratch free.

No matter which Powercap product you go with, you will be fully protected with the lightest head mounted respirator on the market.

Stay safe out there.

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The Only Respirator That Works With Beards

The Only Respirator That Works With Beards

So you have a beard, want to grow out a beard or don’t want to give up your beard for the sake of safety? Is it possible to wear a respirator? Do you sacrifice your health for the sake of your beard? This is by far one of our most popular topics from customers when it comes to respiratory protection. With little guidance on the topic and incredibly limited product offerings out there for beards, we thought we should break down why a beard is so difficult with a respirator and how our Powercap Active is the only solution out there.


Why can’t you wear a normal respirator with facial hair or a beard?

  • The seal of a respirator is the most important aspect for ensuring proper filtration
  • Facial hair that lies along the tight sealing area will interfere with the respirator
  • This interference will prevent maximum protection and prevent proper fit testing


Why does it prevent proper fit testing?

  • Gases, vapors and particles (like COVID-19) always take the path of least resistance
  • By taking this path, these particles will manage to avoid the part of the respirator that keeps these particles out


Why doesn’t facial hair act like a barrier of sorts for particles, gases and vapors?

  • Our hair is actually larger than the particle size one would inhale
  • Our hair is not dense enough to capture these particles
  • Our individual hair follicles are too large to capture particles like a filter does
  • Studies show that even a day of stubble can cause 20 to 1000 times more leakage


How can I wear a respirator with a beard and make sure it works?

  • Perform a user seal check (check out our user seal check article on how)
  • Speak to a respiratory protection program manager about respirator selection options
  • A loose fitting respirator aka a powered air-purifying respirator (PAPR)

Is there a respirator designed for beards?

  • We are happy to announce that there is one respirator on the market to work with beards and its ours!
  • The Powercap Active PAPR is designed to filter 99% of particles down to .3 microns without the need for a tight face seal. This allows anyone with any sort of facial hair to continue to work in dangerous environments without putting their health (or their beard) at risk!


Breathe easy and never have to shave again.

Stay safe out there.

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Keeping Safe From Sawdust

Keeping Safe From Sawdust
The woodworking industry is one of the most common industries for particle and chemical exposure. Our line of respiratory protection is available to both professionals and hobbyists alike, providing the most effective and comprehensive lung and eye protection on the market suitable for any budget and any application level. Read on to find out how to stay safe from the sawdust. Continue reading